Large pyramids found point towards the Lost City of Atlantis

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Underwater pyramids near Portugal

Near Azores Island, an astonishing discovery has been made. It seems giant pyramids were found deep beneath the ocean. Many are baffled over this and believe this area, may well be where the fabled city of Atlantis rests.

It is rather bizarre, how random this particular discovery was. What this team of researchers were doing between the islands of Terceira and Sao Miguel is quite fascinating—as this location is literally in the middle of the ocean. This part of the ocean is also known as the Bank De Joao de Castro.

Underwater pyramids discovered near Azores Islands with dive team

What the team discovered, were gigantic sized pyramids estimated to be around 200 feet tall with 8000 square meter bases. This is a significant historical find, that had been merely resting on the bottom of the ocean floor.

A sailor named Diocleciano Silva, first noticed the bathymetry readings while he was fishing from his yacht. These types of studies, take readings of underwater depths—including the bottom of a lake or an ocean floor. Comparably, these are the equivalent to hypsometry or topography. The enormous pyramids, has also been investigated by the Portuguese Navy as well.

Underwater pyramids found dive team

Silva proclaims the construction of this pyramid, wasn’t made by mankind due to its proximity and location of where it is. No complete answers have yet been determined. Silva used GPS technology to track down the pyramids through the use of sonar.

Speculation insists, that the pyramids have been here since the last ice age—give or take 20,000 years ago. The islands here in this area, are the remains of different mountain tops that once overlooked the city of Atlantis. Compared to other pyramids, these underwater pyramids have been cut into perfect squares and set in place specifically.

The Lost City of Atlantis

This amazing discovery took place back in 2015. The legend of Atlantis, still fascinates many people. There are many theories about it, which includes a catastrophic world event which occurred during the end of the last ice age.

Meanwhile, watching a Portuguese news report with English subtitles about the discovery does raise some questions. The English spoken is quite broken. However, what is said mentions the pyramids and its their surroundings. Perhaps this could be one elaborate hoax, but an expensive and well thought out one for sure.

Some think a meteor strike wiped things out, while others believe something else did entirely. Perhaps some other type of extraterrestrials had something to do with it. Atlantis remains a rather elusive treasure hunt for many underwater archaeologists. More research will have to be conducted as we learn more about this discovery.

(Source: Sick Chirpse and Top Secret Writers)

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