Ancient Giant remains have been hidden by the Smithsonian

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Giant hand

For some time now, it has been discussed whether or not there are/were giants located in different parts of the world. A big stink has been made, regarding this and the lack of corporation from the Smithsonian Institute.

There are an apparent number of files with actual physical evidence—all of which currently remains hidden. The logic behind this is, it will literally change human history and everything we know about it. There is big money floating around, regarding museum funding’s, tours, merchandising and much more.

Giant men and women once roamed these lands. What happened to most of them, is nothing more than an attempted mass extinction and exile of sorts. Fighting for their lives, the Native American tribes were believed to have encountered these large stature d humanoids.

There are a number of questions which remain unanswered to date. Was it actually possible that giant humans roamed Ancient America? Were Native American Indian tribes ruled, enslaved and/or eaten by these large humanoid breed of people? In folklore, there are stories by both the Native Americans and the early settlers.

Over the course of a hundred year period, there have been an estimated 1000 accounts of large scale skeletons. These skeletons range from seven feet to the size of a home. Think of the scale of dinosaurs, as everything was larger during this time period on Earth.

Giants in North America locations

Giant remains in North America

Perhaps everything including the earlier human incarnations were giant-sized. The skeletal remains were unearthed from ancient burial sites, which reach far across North America. A number of newspapers, towns, letters, journals, diaries and photos have been reported about over time.

Giants of North America

The Smithsonian ethnology reports, have all carefully documented this. There are so many types of locations around the country. Many of these locations include: burial chambers, stone crypts and ancient battlefields among massive sized mounds within the Earth.

Skull with double row of teeth

A number of anatomic anomalies have been seen such as enormous jawbones that include double rows of teeth. The size of these jawbones could quite easily fit over an average sized man or woman. The giants skulls were elongated and of course exceptionally large.

“The Indian skulls with double rows of teeth are said to have been found not only abundantly on San Clemente Island caves, but also often still on the neighboring Island of San Miguel, the San Bernardo or Juan Rodriguez of Cabrillo.”

The Smithsonian scientists apparently identified 17 different skeletons, which were at least seven feet in stature. One was 8 feet tall, with a skull reaching 36-inches in circumference. Comparably, an average sized human being skull is 20 inches. The Smithsonian Institution made more mentions of other findings. Perhaps some of these were even larger in shape and size.

A giant was purchased suspiciously by the Smithsonian for $500 dollars. This took place back in 1895, however later the Smithsonian claimed it was nothing more than a hoax.

The San Diego giant

San Diego giant purchased by the Smithsonian in 1895

The origins of the North American giants, have been debated by independent researchers, academics and skeptics, but now there may be enough data to begin some serious research. One thing is for certain, the Smithsonian Institute is hiding something and our human history has been affected.

(Source: Graham Hancock)

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