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Chicken from hell discovered in North Dakota


Paleontologists have assembled a complete ‘Chicken from Hell’ which originally was discovered to have existed in ancient mythology, the feathered dinosaur which resembles a chicken and raptor mixed together, was believed to have roamed both North and South Dakota some 66 million years ago in the United States.

Emma Schachner from the University of Utah mentioned: “It was a giant raptor, but with a chicken-like head and presumably feathers”. “The animal once stood about 10 feet tall, so it would be scary as well as absurd to encounter.” These flightless bird beasts are also known as Caenagnathidae (pronounced SEE-nuh-NAY-thih-DAY), known as a subset of oviraptorosaurs, or “egg-thief lizards.”


This feathery fiend had forelimbs and a crest. Its neck was long and it had a short thick tail. It would use its rather sharp claws to destroy foes. It also was pretty heavy weighing upwards of 660 pounds. It has been given the name Anzu Wyliei as it is a cross between velociraptor and a chicken. It also used its jaw joint to chew food which was able to slide back and forth.

This strange and rather newly discovered dinosaur species was discovered by scientists at an excavation site in North Dakota ironically called “Hells Creek”.

Dr. Matthew Lamanna of the Carnegie Museum said in a written statement:

“We’re finding that “caenagnathids were an amazingly diverse bunch of dinosaurs,”
“Whereas some were turkey-sized, others—like Anzu and Gigantoraptor—were the kind of thing you definitely wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. Apparently these oviraptorosaurs occupied a much wider range of body sizes and ecologies than we previously thought.”

It is unknown how far these odd looking beasts roamed throughout North America, but they were territorial and opportunistic hunters.


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