Parasitic Astral Entities Plague Us

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While we wander through life, we open different doorways to our destiny. It is our choices that define us and who we are as people. Learning about the unknown can be often scary, since we don’t know what to expect next.

Quite often, people will mock and laugh at things because they do not see, taste or touch it them-self. It is natural because humans by nature question everything around them. It happens the moment we are born into this world.

Surrounding ourselves with people who are there to support and comfort us, will likely lead to our successes in life. They are a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with. Emotional issues that seem to haunt people throughout their life, may well be something beyond what we can see with our very own eyes.

We live life by what we stand for and often lead with our heavy hearts. People are passionate whether they realize it or not. This can sometimes lead them into trouble or sometimes salvation.

Parasitic Astral Entities

There are different energies around us that can interfere with our emotions. These non-physical energies are around people each and every day. Think of it as another form of electricity that surrounds us inside and out. With this type of energy, comes parasitic type presences. The world as we know it is changing rapidly.

Technology as affected people and their driving lust for materialism. In the last 2000 years or so… there has been a decline to stop this type of entity, as it takes over our self control. Certainly people have free will but they can easily be influenced by such forces if they allow themselves to.

Priests of Western religions, have lost their vision of and knowledge of how to ward away such disruptive forces. People wonder where these entities come from. The answer is believed to be from the fallen lost world. When someone dies, their astral body shatters into both the physical and etheric body. When their body fragments, it can no longer hold together when vibrations arise. It is a conflict between both the astral body and the emotional state of mind.

Parasitic Astral Entities Plague Us

Sometimes pieces sustain and retain an entire consciousness of its own. This creates a fragmented entity that now exists from the most crystallized parts of the astral body. Astral fragments such as these are thought to need etheric energy to stay together and survive. Otherwise, they will break into different fragments and eventually turn into astral dust that can no longer be absorbed. The life force is entirely gone from this point onward.

The one place where these entities can survive from the very essence of a living thing in the world. This would be a person or an animal of some kind. It is thought that these parasitic astral entities prefer that of a human host. When they find someone, they search for similar emotional characteristics to itself. This entity will feed upon the person’s very energy and exist by it.

When someone is tired, it may not be from physical or mental strain to the body. They might be drained by this parasitic entity that is plaguing them. Their energy is being drained by this thing and often will impose emotions upon them. Think of this when someone becomes angry, sad or happy quite randomly. They may be experiencing a influence of some kind from their life-force (etheric energy) being drained.

It is believed that larger sized fragments may survive without a host. These entities are thought to exist within buildings and outside. These forms are commonly referred to as ghosts, they are the entities that linger within our very world. There are other entities that can paralyze people but are more like nature spirits, elemental s and others not so easily categorized.

People should not be afraid, as they have been living among these types of entities for years. Quite incredibly, life on Earth will change after someone cleanses their emotional issues. Being of free spirit and mind can lead to a better existence in the world. Holding onto any negative thoughts, will only further terrorize your well being.

A person will succeed by clearing away any entities that might be haunting them. It isn’t an easy process but is believe to be possible after thoroughly exploring possibilities and cleansing ones soul for purification.

Prayers along with focused enlightened energy, will help ward away anything that might be lingering behind in one’s life. Through spiritual work, your astral body will be cleared away of such parasitic entities. One’s body will emerge with light and when you meet someone free of this damnation, they will radiate everything around them – until they physically leave this very world and evolve into the next.

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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