Russians find ancient alien astronaut

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Back during the early 1960’s, Russian KGB apparently found an ancient alien astronaut inside a pyramid during an expedition to Egypt. Initially, they entered the tomb unprotected not wearing any protective gear. When they first entered the tomb, a cloud of toxic fumes spread around the room.

Not being prepared, they had to turn back and then re-enter the ancient burial ground. This time they had the right gear on and proceeded to explore further. During this time period—the Russians were in a race for dominance and created a program known as ISIS back in 1961.

This was during the Cold War era. After learning that Americans had gained access to advanced alien technology believed to be located in Roswell, New Mexico—it was a mission like no other searching for any advantage available.


One Russian scientist named Viktor Ivanovich was able to obtain special access to these documents which were kept quite secret. The rumor about this situation was that—scientific alien documentation was discovered along with artifacts which were stored within the Giza tomb. Thinking that the American CIA was already informed about this discovery, it was a foot race to learn the truth of things fast.

With the alliance between both Egypt and the Soviet Union during this time, it was clear they were against both Britain and Frances best interests. As the Russian expedition continued, they later discovered fifteen different boxes of artifacts.


While finding these boxes they also came across a sarcophagus with hieroglyphic inscriptions on it. Later these were deciphered to read something about a prophecy and the return of a winged deity. What this means is anyone’s best guess.

Something also peculiar was when the Russian expedition party was searching through things, the wall itself seemed to resonate a repulsive force of some kind. What they means or meant during this moment is still unclear. Maybe this was some sort of warning. There inside of the area, a mummified body was discovered. It was several meters in height (which was quite larger) than a typical Egyptian person.


Using carbon dating 14 different tests were made indicating that this body was between 12,000-13,000 years old. This would predate the Egyptian dynastic period. Believed to be a part of Egyptian mythology, the body may be a part of the dynastic Egypt belief. These people were bestowed with ancient knowledge from ancient civilizations.

Perhaps time travelers or some sort of alien life had given them technology beyond their means. Mythology mentions that the Egyptian god Osiris did arrive from the stars on a “flying boat”. This reference would be comparable to modern day UFO sightings which continuously keep happening around the world. During this time, the Kremlin was interested in the various possibilities which the tomb offered. What happened to any further evidence or artifacts is unknown. Maybe some of it got destroyed or sold by someone.

With this information discovered, it might be something to do with The Turin Papyrus. This ancient text is written in the hieratic language. This piece isn’t completely preserved, but is believed to be a list of sorts detailing over 300 different names. Each of these names lists the reign and rule of kings throughout Egypt. All of this, would change the history of mankind if more evidence turns up.

Those who participated in this secret mission stated: “during the inspection of the walls we have noticed a strange repulsive force coming out of the walls. We could not find any scientific explanation.”

(Source: The Inquisitr and Ancient Code)

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