Giant-sized sea monster discovered in Cambodia

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Discovered during 2010, what appears to be a large sized fin whale, was spotted roughly 26 miles off the coast of Cambodia. However, comparing this sea creature to an actual fin whale, doesn’t quite match up. Some shapes of the body appear to be different. Quite possibly (if this was a whale) it was born with some deformations.

Giant-sized sea monster discovered in Cambodia

This has led people to speculate…that this is in reality, some sort of dinosaur survivor. Since the release of the story, it was first reported about by Karapaia (a Japanese news site) people have been scratching their heads over this. The story was quietly swept under the rug, out of fear of controversy with science and discoveries from around the world. Things such as these, change what really happened upon Earth’s past history.

Believed to be sacred, people elected to bury this sea beast, out of respect for all sea life somewhere within the country. A video exists, showing people hoisting this sea monster up into the air, with large chains and straps. The body is lifted, as a large crowd gathered to watch. A man is overheard using a microphone talking about this beast, as the crowd is seen watching rather intently.

Sea monster discovered in Cambodia

This giant sized behemoth of a sea monster, was exhumed from the ground in Cambodia. It is easy to see just how large it was. Resembling that of a giant slug, it must have weighed quite a bit. On this day, the crowd was captivated showing expressions of fear, disbelief, speculation and more as seen in the video. (The video has Chinese watermarks and the description is written in Korean) It was also labeled incorrectly.

One speculation about this is, it is an actual whale which was being illegally transported sometime during the night, after it was brought to land. The truck it was being transported on, wasn’t strong enough to carry it. This company or group of individuals decided to leave this creature where it was.

Not long after, people discovered it and the crowd kept getting larger. Eventually, authorities took over the situation. It is unknown if anything is left of this sea creature. Perhaps samples or a preservation of some sort was put into place. Sea creatures this size like whales are considered harbingers of good luck in some cultures.

When one is found dead after being washed ashore, fishermen team up together to put the deceased creature back into the water out of respect. Whales are protected in most regions around the world. However, some of them are still hunted down sadly.

(Source: Sora News 24)

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