Something Unnatural Was Living Behind My House

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One 64 year old man decided to share their unusually creepy experience online. What they said was most unusual. While outside during the early morning, this person went outside to cease the day.

Typically, they wake up early at around 4:00 AM. He lit his pipe just before sunrise and had a cup of tea just before dawn. As he thumbed in a bowl of tobacco in their pipe, he heard what sounded like shuffling coming from the pine trees near the edge of their property line. 

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They explained that their home faces across from many short sized pine trees. Normally, there are small critters that frequent the area. This time when they looked over this wasn’t no small rodent it was something else entirely. They wiped their eyes only to see what resembled a largely obese woman with sagging breasts in the woods.

Her head appeared oddly shaped and she had a lump on each shoulder. Her head was smaller compared to the rest of her body. She didn’t seem to have any hair either and the features didn’t look quite right. This was no animal by any account. Immediately, they sat down their pipe and called out towards her. Moments later she seemed to run off into the wooded pine trees.

Deciding not to waste anymore time, he contacted the police and explained what he had seen. After a while deputies arrived about twenty minutes later. They searched around their property and around the edge of the forest. 

The man explained further that he owns around 20 acres which stretch into the grasslands away from here. The closest neighbors from here are quite a distance away. The man insisted that a naked woman was wandering around here.

To his knowledge over the years, he has seen or heard of crazed drug addicts who have come through here to get their fix and get high. He further provided any information to the police and they left the area. The man also had access to his pistol which he stuck inside his waistband for protection.

It was later that evening, when deputies came knocking at his door at around 1:00 AM. He got up and wandered over to where he spotted this crazed looking woman. Several of the officers stayed back while the others continued to look around his property again.

About half an hour later they didn’t find anything without any kind of evidence to be had. He explained the police were quite helpful and later left after a while. This man spoke with his sister and explained what had happened. They both speculated about it for a while. Days after nothing else seemed out of the ordinary up until he was up late one night.

After returning back outside and making his pot of coffee, he noticed her again. This time, he was able to get a better glance at her. She appeared to have the face of a human being, she didn’t have a nose to speak of either. Her eyes were dark brown and not like normal eyes.

The man explained his knees are weak, due to the little cartilage left in his knees. However, it didn’t stop him from chasing after her into the woods. Her breasts were swinging and the mass of her body as she ran toward the pines.

He had no desire to harm her but wanted to put the fear in her. Pointing his pistol into the air he fired off two shots which struck the topside of the pine trees. He said he lives alone and has one faithful cat but a few weapons for protection.

He later contacted the police again, this time a detective arrived and he explained the series of events to them. After contacting his nearby neighbors about these incidents, they too experienced something weird. This is what the man said:

“Here is what happened today. I was up very late listening to music. Another tool I use for settling my nerves. I don’t sleep in my bedroom anymore and have started sleeping on my couch or in my big chair so when Wayne knocked on my door around 1:00 AM asking if I had heard the screaming or the big thud sounds, I told him I hadn’t because I had been listening to music and had not looked at my phone when he said he tried to call me a bunch but saw my lights on so he came over.”

I told him to load a gun and sleep lightly. I did the same because it was strange to see Wayne so late. Wayne owns a building materials business so he’s an early riser like me. I slept for 6 hours and got up to make some breakfast and feed Augustus. Wayne called me not long after saying that the police had been to our far neighbor’s house and that they were all in the field and in the pines. 

“Wayne had not slept and had breakfast made so he invited me to eat. I crossed the giant grass lot that separates our property and I could see police in the field walking around. Over breakfast Wayne called our neighbor again and asked if we could stop by and he said he wanted to talk to us. Our farthest neighbor is a younger man in his 30’s and he’s a good no nonsense fellow made of hard stuff, but he looked really tired and shaken when Wayne and I got there.” 

“He and his girlfriend were dozing off when they were startled by shrill screaming and thrashing at their back door. He said it was like a giant fish flopping on the door and horrible screaming. Their door was something awful. There was major damage to it and deep gashes and mud. They said the thrashing at the back stopped and it was quiet for a minute.” 

“As he was getting dressed to go investigate something slammed itself against the bedroom window and screamed against the glass. His poor girlfriend described it as a throat scream that could have come from a man or a woman. They were both very shaken but were putting on brave faces. He said he grabbed his shotgun and ran outside immediately.” 

“He said he heard the screaming getting farther away along the edge of the pines toward Wayne’s property. He didn’t see anything. The deputies were still walking around outside, and a few of them I recognized. Sure enough that detective I spoke to kept her word and they had been patrolling the area closely all this time, so they arrived fairly quickly my neighbor said.”

“The loud thuds that Wayne heard could not be explained but we have made plans to hike deep through the pines and explore. We all and the deputies had a long talk on my far neighbor’s property. In the end, they believed it to be animals or possible malicious mischief. I think from the tone of one of them they suspected Wayne or myself of playing a prank on them in the night but they didn’t directly accuse us. They left us with the advice that if we find someone sneaking around our property at night acting aggressive and strange to do what we feel is necessary for our safety.” 

“We have agreed to keep in close contact with each other from now on and to immediately send texts whenever something happens so we can all assist.”

It is unknown what else had taken place since, but this unknown man never updated anything else just yet. Maybe they will give a recent update about what happened next. Until then, one can only imagine…

(Source: Reddit)

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