Occult Insider Exposes Controversial Hidden Secrets

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While there are many bizarre things happening in our world, some of them remain secret for many different reasons. Perhaps they don’t want to scare people into a mass panic or if the real truth about things can change history as we know it. 

A video was posted recently on YouTube, that makes one wonder what exactly has been really happening in remote locations or secret bunkers among other locations. This unknown person mentioned they have been given strict guidelines on what they can reveal. 

They picked the 4chan site to use, due to it being a good first filter. The subjects spoken about cover everything from mysterious phenomena to creatures, organizations, events, people and practices. 

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They mention how they are a part of an international group, who are dedicated to investigating things that the authorities aren’t comfortable revealing to the public. What they have personally done or the missions accomplished isn’t detailed. However, we can assume illegal if not controversial things have taken place. 

This person goes on to mention that they are not a former gun toting marine. They have basic firearm training and were given issued equipment to use. Most of their responsibilities seem to have to deal with scouting locations, investigating archaeological sites, documentation and making contact for any required assistance for the job.

In regards to archaeology, the sites are scouted before the public arrives, this includes archaeologists after the sites have been deemed safe or cleared to be explored by them.

They mentioned how they have the authority to neutralize any potential threats as well. It took them about six months to be recruited after passing a series of tests initially discovered as part of a puzzle. 

They are required to undergo psychological therapy sessions along with mandatory vacations after each gig they go on. They have allegedly worked with multiple governments from across the world and sometimes even against them.

Some of the things spoken about are outrageous and controversial subjects. Whether or not any of this has any truth in it is questionable but keeping an open mind, there might be some truth mentioned. 

Obviously their real voices and names are not being used in the video. It seems there are a number of underground operations happening with different groups controlling the outcome of things. How much they affect our world is unknown but from what it seems there is influence happening and unimaginable things taking place. 

Every year a number of people go missing, it makes you wonder what happened to these folks. Where did they go? Perhaps they were being sacrificed as an offering to something else entirely. It’s a scary thought to think there might be such things taking place around us each and every day. 

This person goes on to answer some questions one of which was the spookiest creature you have encountered? They said it was a man made creature that was found at an abandoned research facility shut down back in the 1960’s. The place had a disgusting vibe about it and human experimentation went on there including organ trafficking. It was disguised as a hospital for low-income families.

While they were there, a noise was heard which sounded like a moaning. Horrid smells were noticed much like rotting carcasses. The floor was wet and with each step things got worse. The cleanup crew there discovered chairs with human skeletons in them. 

Each skull appeared to have a bullet wound in the middle of them. When they raised their light to glance into the darkness, they witnessed what looked like overgrown fetuses with gray skin and microcephaly (a condition where a baby’s head size is much smaller compared to other babies of the same age and sex). 

These beings were about the size of an adult pig. There were three of them, there were two others that had already died. He explained how he puked in the moment. One can only imagine just how disgusting all of this would have been. This person goes on into other subjects including giants, skin-walkers and other entities. The video is really out there but interesting nonetheless.  

People shouldn’t become paranoid about subjects such as this but they should be open minded for sure. The insider who wished to remain anonymous has claimed to have been part of a secret society for many years. Just like with military ranks, it seems they are of a lower ranking authority but what they know about and have seen is quite remarkable as they describe it. 

The occult is a subject that has fascinated many people for centuries. It is an umbrella term that refers to a variety of different practices and beliefs, some of which are focused on black magic and Satanism, while others are more spiritual in nature. 

However, despite the controversy it stirs up, the insider’s claims proved that the occult is not as dangerous as many people believe. He says that it can be a powerful tool for good if used correctly. 

In fact, by connecting people with their inner power, the occult can help them to heal themselves and others. The insider’s revelations have caused quite a stir among the public, but despite the mixed reactions, there is no denying that the occult is an intriguing topic.

If you are interested in gaining an understanding of the occult, there are many resources available to you. You can find books, websites, and even classes on the subject. However, it is important to be cautious when exploring the occult. Many people will try to take advantage of your interest for their own personal gain. 

If you are considering learning more about the occult, make sure to do your research and only work with reputable sources. The occult is a powerful force, and should not be taken lightly. It is a fascinating and mysterious subject that has been shrouded in secrecy for centuries. 

However, thanks to the revelations of insiders, we now have a better understanding of this hidden world. While the occult can be helpful on some occasions, it’s important to approach them with caution.

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