Fairies Archive

Behold the fairy stones of Virginia

Located in the state of Virginia, is a place where supernatural creatures are reported to be found. Some believe if you listen closely while the wind blows, you can hear the giggles of little fairies lingering nearby from the fairy realm. Mystical stones cover the forest floor all over this area. How they got here

Dark fairies found around

Small winged creatures have been discovered. What exactly they are is unknown. They seem to resemble dark looking fairies. Several bodies have even been preserved in formaldehyde. One of the specimens was found by a truck driver who had the presence of mind to gather the corpse and take it to a scientist they knew

Fairy photographer

Her name is Lisa Wildgoose, what she captured on camera has people talking. It seems while outside with her two young daughters, she happened to take an extraordinary photograph. Not far from the market town of Northamptonshire, England are some woodlands. One day there while taking nature photographs, she happened to snap a shot of

Drawn to Dryads

They are protectors of nature, they are small in stature and friendly to animals. These small sprite-like creatures are known as dryads. Usually inhabiting only oak trees, these tree spirits are quick and intelligent. Often they have been portrayed as beautiful young girls as they reside protecting one specific tree. However, they have been known