Fairy photographer

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Lisa Wildgoose with daughters

Her name is Lisa Wildgoose, what she captured on camera has people talking. It seems while outside with her two young daughters, she happened to take an extraordinary photograph. Not far from the market town of Northamptonshire, England are some woodlands. One day there while taking nature photographs, she happened to snap a shot of an actual small winged creature.

fairy flying

When Lisa returned home, she went through her photographs. She couldn’t believe what she found.
It seems a small figure is seen in one of the pictures fluttering near a bluebell flower. While zoomed in, the small figure appears to actually have blonde looking hair and is wearing shoes. Does this mean in remote areas there might be a small species which are human-like in appearance, only way smaller than us?

fairy closeup

Lisa is 42 years old, her favorite film happens to be the Disney release Tinkerbell. (Tinkerbell is a fairy in the story) Perhaps her affinity to these mythological beings allowed her to get close to one. Fairies are known for their magical powers, especially the females. In folklore, they have been known to intervene in human affairs. Sometimes in stories, they have been helpful and other times not so much.

When Lisa was a little girl she believed in fairies, her twin five year old daughters have listened to their mother tell tales about these small creatures. Lisa mentioned that she didn’t know if she would wear trousers like the small sprite creatures.

fairy in air

The blonde hair and shiny shoes are too much of a coincidence however. People have said to her this is just a mosquito, they are probably right she noted however the trousers and shoes keep her guessing.

Some believe that fairies can actually be quite larger and they assume their physical size magically rather than constantly. Fairies have their historical origins which date back to the middle French medieval romances. Faerie meant enchanted, but in English literature during the Elizabethan era elves were combined with them in many cultures.

There are other theories about fairies which include them as demoted angels in Christianity. Another is that fairies were originally worshiped as minor pagan goddesses.

A theory of them being already dead much like a ghost is popular and it was dangerous to eat food in Fairyland and in Hades. Being considered as a prehistoric race is another theory and the memories of them were wiped out over time. Known as hidden people, they developed into the fairy beliefs which people think of today.

One of Lisa’s children said: “That’s not a fly mum, that’s a fairy”.

Dark fairies found around
Drawn to Dryads

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