Signs people miss when contacted by their guardian angel

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Angel statue outdoors

When we think of different moments of being safe, we reflect upon different memories from our childhood. Growing up in a loving home, is what any kid can ask for. Our parents try to keep us safe from harm, no matter what it might be.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have this experience while growing up. They become orphans after being abandoned one way or another. This sometimes can lead to other problems for them in life down the road.

Having a guardian angel, may seem far fetched for some people but others believe they do exist. There are certainly moments that make people scratch their head, wondering at the possibility of having one. While some think that guardian angels are nothing more than lingering spirits, they have also been mistaken as ghosts.

An angel, is a spiritual being vastly superior to humans—with their divine intellect having been bestowed with great powers. Angels are often portrayed as benevolent entities, yet sometimes have been seen as destructors to change the course of a series events.

Angel on track

Angels certainly know what earthly events which will happen and act accordingly. Sometimes humans miss subtle signs which may have helped them in their lives. An angel may have tried to steer them ever so slightly, to change what path they may take.

Angels try to guide lost souls, so they may fix what mistakes they previously made. Many religions believe in angels and can be seen in paintings and writings from the past. There are also many structures carved in their likeness found around the world.

Angels are believed to be messengers of miracles and in certain moments it seems divine intervention took place. Some accidents with survivors don’t make any sense. Some people blatantly seemed to cheat death. Perhaps their guardian angel had something to do with it.

There are certain signs one can look out for, believed to be the doing of an angel. For some reason or another, your guardian angel was trying to make contact with you. The following signs are believed to be noticed when your guardian angel tries to contact you.

Feathers symbolize peace and assurance, the next time you see a feather nearby you. It may have been placed by your guardian angel. Angels leave feathers to remind someone they are there watching over them.

Finding a penny or other coins, equally represents luck and fortune. Perhaps the angel is hinting at you for that day or week, that good things are heading your way soon. Everything has a silver lining, as sometimes people will see rainbows in certain moments. Seeing a rainbow is a reminder they are being watched over and not alone.

Sometimes when you glance up at the sky, you will see shapes in the clouds. It may be an animal or perhaps something resembling a mythological creature. These form for a reason some believe. Another sign for inspiration and protection. Sometimes the temperature will suddenly change, it may be your guardian angel trying to tell you something or letting you know they are there.

Inspired by angels

Being inspired by natural surroundings is another sign an angel is near. You may be out in nature and get that sudden burst of inspiration you desperately needed. When you are alone, once in a while it may feel like someone touched you.

It might well be your guardian angel—trying to get your attention for whatever reason. Guardian angels, sometimes will reach out to your family or friends. They will send them your way with a phone call or a visit. This is especially important when your feeling down and depressed, hoping their contact with you will now cheer you up. It is wise to question everything in life, it is wiser to keep an open mind and heart.

(Source: Ewao)

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