Woman Marries Herself Instead

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Sometimes people get rattled over their relationships. What if someone left you before the big day? A 38 year old woman named Laëtitia Nguyen, decided to move on, after her fiancée decided to dump her. Frustrated and furious, she didn’t want to lose out on her big planned day. Nguyen decided to continue on alone, as her relationship fell apart.

Strangely, she recited her wedding vows during a private ceremony held in Santorini, one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. Nguyen works as a finance manager and lives in Reims, France. Nguyen thought she found her Mr. Right but he turned out to be Mr. Wrong. She was with him for three years before they split ways.

It was inevitable it seems. After three months, they were all ready to marry one another. Her fiancée became distant and eventually walked out on her in February of this year.

Laëtitia Nguyen marries herself

Nguyen said: ‘My fiancée and I were on the exact same page. We wanted to have a child after the wedding and we had lot of plans. We both wanted an intimate and wonderful wedding. We were both very proud to be marrying each other and we were both very involved in the preparation for the big day.‘

‘In mid-February 2017 we split up and I don’t know why. I am still very hurt and always will be, but life is a gift and I must enjoy it. You can’t erase a day, so I needed to turn it into something very positive. It was exactly like a normal wedding, just without a groom.‘

‘In all there were eight guests including my parents, my sister and her fiancée , and then some close friends. My ring is an antique cameo ring circa 1900, which I wear on my left middle finger.’ Laëtitia has since frozen her eggs in the hope she will one day have children. I’m very proud of myself and incredibly grateful to my family and friends.‘

Laëtitia Nguyen marries herself instead

‘It was just a question of survival for me. I needed something positive from this day to forget about all the drama in my life. It’s always humiliating to be dumped but it’s even worse before a wedding. This ceremony gave me back my self-confidence and I reconnected with myself. It was my rebirth.‘

‘No man wanted to marry me, but I wanted to marry me because I’m amazing and I know it. I’m not ashamed. Some people don’t understand. Others said it was just so me and it was a great decision and very courageous. It is difficult for me to keep my faith in love, for now I’m still recovering and focusing on myself. My friends and family have been very supportive of me and not very surprised. I always do unconventional things and I don’t give up easily because I try to stay positive throughout it all.‘

Perhaps Nguyen will find someone else out there willing to be with her.

(Source: Metro)

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