Mysterious Portals Are Opening In The Sky Above

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All of it is quite unusual and it’s been happening for some time now. People are seeing these large portals, which seem to show floating cities (sometimes with humanoids) moving or walking around on a type of spaceship or floating city of sorts.

Who knows what to make of it, but estimations are they are tears in the fabric of our reality. These might be some kind of Matrix glitch or two worlds colliding together, possibly overlapping upon one another. The sizes and shapes of these events range quite considerably. No doubt there is something bizarre going on. 

Image: Twitter

One speculation about these events is they are part of Project Blue Beam. This conspiracy theory of sorts is a scenario where artificial intelligence along with holographic projections are used to create the SecondComing. 

This is an alleged theory, where the new world order’s purpose is to abolish all Christian and traditional religions – so they can be replaced as a one-world religion, based upon the cult of mankind. 

There are a fair number of videos and pictures out around the internet, showing some highly sophisticated structures seemingly floating within the clouds. Some of these structures don’t fit the location where they are seen. They are out of place and time. The buildings appear to be from another time period. Other videos and photos show what resembles people or some kind of humanoid-like entities wandering around within these structures. 

Image: YouTube

There is much speculation about all of this but often these kinds of sights are seen in science fiction and fantasy. Numerous eyewitnesses have been awestruck by these events and are interpreted as a portal to another dimension or world.

Typically, the scientific community is going to gun down anything that raises questions and this is no exception. While certainly a possibility, these sightings could be caused by natural type phenomena including lighting, auroras or some kind of meteor. Other speculation is these are caused by aircraft and / or satellites above. It is believed that aircraft can sometimes create these kinds of light patterns in the sky. This especially happens during the nighttime. 

Image: Michael Allotta/ CATERS NEWS

We can guess that satellites can sometimes be mistaken for mystery portals as well as they are in low orbit around the Earth. Mirages are also an illusion and can be caused by the bending of light rays as they pass through different layers of air during different temperatures. Finally, the most reasonable guess is these are actual sightings from another species from elsewhere. 

Of course the military is aware of these but they might even be in on all of this. Quite possibly, these sightings could be new technology being used and part of a test of sorts. Why and where these locations are placed is another question to behold. There has to be some kind of reason for all of this happening. Perhaps one day we will find out and hopefully it will be a good thing!

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