Drawn to Dryads

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Moss dryad girl

They are protectors of nature, they are small in stature and friendly to animals. These small sprite-like creatures are known as dryads. Usually inhabiting only oak trees, these tree spirits are quick and intelligent. Often they have been portrayed as beautiful young girls as they reside protecting one specific tree. However, they have been known to defend more than one tree—by punishing those who dare destroy them and animals alike.

Dryads tales bestow them with different powers and abilities including being able to heal, destructive nature energy, inspiration for creativity, protection spells and guiding those lost deep within the forest. These small ancient ones have watched our world evolve and with their wisdom, they often inspire us with their tree spirit energy unbeknownst to us as a society. Drawing from the trees life force and being connected to the Earth itself dryads are quite capable of connecting to one another even from great distances.

While they are certainly able to help us, they generally prefer people to connect on a spiritual level with them by using totem energies. Only then will they learn by their own mistakes and good decisions. This same energy force which is used by them is both immense and intense. The forces of fire, earth, water and air can all be used by them. Tales of dryads selecting a specific person to communicate with has been mentioned before although it is a rare thing to happen. The persons soul must be that of a spirit constructed by love and honesty.

tree lady

After the connection to the dryad spirit, this person ascends to spiritual enlightenment by facing a tree which they are naturally drawn to. The dryad will help guide them insisting that they close their eyes taking a deep breath to release their tensions. After their mind is at ease, their soul is set free connecting to a zen-like experience. Often the term treehugger is used for people who connect this way to nature. This profound moment in their life can lead them to different paths depending upon the type of tree connected to by the aid of the dryad.

Various trees provide avenues to different things for example an apple tree gives healing, love and perpetual youth. An ash tree gives protection, cedar trees give prosperity and longevity, fig trees give fertility, strength, energy and health. Orange trees give love and marriage, palm trees give strength. Each tree blesses those who are meant to have aid in this lifetime a specific assistance and ascendance.

Occasionally a smaller sized branch from a tree is donated from a dryad which can be used by wand makers allowing spells to be cast through it. Dryads truly are a force to be reckoned with.

dryad girl

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