Hidden tomb of Osiris brings forth wonder

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Osiris Tomb outside

A rather perplexing theory has been contemplated in history. In Egypt, the tomb of Osiris was discovered back in 2015. The site, dates to the 25th Dynasty (around 700 B.C.) This was remarkable in its own right, however what was actually found is quite astounding.

Somehow the alien god-king Osiris, had their tomb constructed by ways that still leave experts scratching their heads today. Most everything about this tomb, doesn’t make any sense by its design. Yet somehow, through specialized techniques, perhaps alien in nature—this advanced design took shape.

Osiris Tomb

Inside of this tomb, there are an estimated series of solid granite coffins weighing 20 tons each. There are 3 different chambers at different levels. The bottom tomb room is sum 100 feet underground and surrounded by a pool of water, with 4 different pillars placed in a square around it. The pillars have carvings etched onto them. To date, there is nothing else like this, that exists on planet Earth which is known about.

It truly makes it unique and really makes one wonder about its origination. This really is one of our greatest mysteries. The expedition started and was lead by a Spanish-Italian archaeological team. With the cooperation from the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the discovery was made in the necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the West Bank at Thebes in Egypt.

The rather complex tomb, had the crew scouring everything from multiple shafts and chambers. After spending time inside of tomb, they came across a carving of Osiris. Another room located in the west, was believed to be used as a funerary room. Inside this room, there was a wall relief which depicted a demon holding knives. Archaeologists speculated that this demonic carving was intended to be a guardian or warning of sorts from the underworld.


Several other chambers were found, which had more debris to be removed and has not yet been excavated. Previously back in the 1880’s, an archaeologist named Philippe Virey did happen to discover only a part of the tomb. How significant it was is unknown, as only now the main chambers have been found.

Opposite of the statue of Osiris, is a staircase with a 29.5 foot (9 meter) shaft leading to another chamber. Inside this chamber, a second shaft descends downwards 19.6 feet (6 meters) into two more rooms, which are currently still full of debris.

Sketch of tomb-of-Osiris

From Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the god of the underworld. At some point, they were killed by Set who was the god of storms, disorder and violence. Later, Set placed Osiris into a coffin and sent them down the Nile river. When Osiris was recovered by Isis his sister/wife, Set then tore his body into many pieces discarding them back into the river. Isis later collected the pieces of Osiris piecing him back together. It was this form, which then traveled into the underworld…on a boat as he became god of the dead. The question still lingers, how did they build this underground?

(Source: Ancient Origins and History Channel)

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