Norwegian mountain troll photograph taken

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Norwegian mountain troll

A single photograph taken in Norway, shows what appears to be a giant-sized troll, standing in a blizzard with soldiers ready to start shooting at it. This photo dates back to the year 1942. The crew of RAF recon flight 300, apparently took the photo in a wintry series of conditions. The sheer size and scale of this thing is unimaginable by some, as it is seen…standing just beyond the trees of the forest, along the hillside.

This one single photo, is one of the best known photos capturing some sort of gigantic being of this scale and size. Deemed to be that of a monstrous troll, this thing stood up—staggering through the snow on its way through the countryside. Perhaps it was confused or was even ready to fight, one can only guess from the photograph seen.

Norwegian mountain troll (Troll Hunter)

Some have simply dismissed this as nonsense and mention it is a composite shot from the movie Trollhunter released back in 2010. This Norwegian dark fantasy film, made its way onto screens as a mockumentary in the found footage type style. Bits and pieces of things have come to light, which point to evidence of a larger series of beings, inhabiting our world at some point in time.

There are suspicions that actual giants are still alive somewhere and possibly are being held captive by governments across the globe. The reasons for this are unclear but speculation points to extraterrestrial interference of some sort.

Photo of giant finger

It is rather interesting, that a large sized finger was found in Egypt back in 1988. This finger was estimated to be 16 inches in length. From this measurement, the rest of the body would be about 16.4 feet in height as well.

There was a Swiss archaeologist by the name of Gregor Spörri who later released a large finger, which was found that year. Many think this is actually real and was either laughed off or ridiculed as ridiculousness.

Swiss archaeologist Gregor Spörri released the photo to the newspaper. The photo was taken back in 1988 during his private affair to Egypt. Mysteriously, the large-sized mummified finger was stolen and never found again. Who took this finger? This also makes many wonder, if it was done to hush the curious crowd of onlookers.

Giant hand scale comparison

Another theory, is the large finger found its way onto the black market and was privately sold to someone who wanted it for their oddities collection. Some think the finger may have belonged to a Gigantopithecus blacki. This is an extinct genus of ape which existed roughly nine million years ago.

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

(Source: UFO Mania)

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