Until Death Do Us Part

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Eternal love is something that rarely happens in the world. Some people never find that special someone. For those that do, it is sacred and gives extra joy to our lives. Long ago, a couple was discovered who represented this kind of dedication to one another as their remains were found in Teppe Hasanla located in northern Iran.

The very last breath between them (which was so special) made people in awe of what they had seen. A couples corpses were discovered embraced with one another until the very end. This discovery dates back until 1972 when two human skeletons were discovered. It was presumed that these two had taken refuge in a makeshift bunker during a battle which happened within the city.

The hole collapsed upon them burying them since 800 BC. Now at nearly 2,800 years later an excavation team stumbled onto their location. In the photos you can see the male skeleton’s arm around the female’s waist while she kissed him.

They have been fittingly nicknamed “the lovers” and rightfully so as they represent something good in our world. They more than likely died from asphyxiation as the collapse of this bunker fell upon them.

It is believed that this happened during the destruction of the Teppe Hasanlu. Other conclusions include that this area was burned out after a military attack. People were fighting everywhere from both sides. This spot had fire spread all over which eventually overwhelmed the entire town.


Other known references to this moment are “the 2,800 kiss” and “Hasanlu lovers”.

The team that found the couple was led by Robert Dyson from the Teppe Hasanlu. This is a Hasanlu archaeological site which was located in Solduz Valley in the West Azerbaijan Province of Iran. This particular spot has been excavated period of time.

There have been 10 different excavations since 1956 until 1974. Other teams include those from The University Museum of Pennsylvania and the Metropolitan Museum of New York. The human skeleton on the right had their skull damaged.

It is believed that this was done during one of the excavations. One speculation is that this couple was actually two men together being more taboo during this time period. However, the original archaeologist team declared them to be both male and female.

Their embrace of eternal love reminds us of what is truly important in this world and not to take things for granted.

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