Snow pyramids pierce through Antarctica

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After a man stumbled around looking through Google Earth, he spotted what appears to be a pyramid piercing through the icy terrain of Antarctica. There are apparently three different pyramids which have been discovered so far.

The distance between them may be of some significance. Several of the pyramids are 10 miles inland—whereas the other is near the coastal area. Each one of these pyramids has four different sides to them. They are compatible to the Egyptian pyramids of Giza.


There are a number of scientists that suggest that human beings may have even lived in this frozen terrain. At one point in time, this area may have been more inhabitable at some point in time with temperatures near 70 degrees. One scientist named Vanessa Bowman mentioned that dating back to sum 100 million years ago, Antarctica was actually covered with lush rain forests much like New Zealand is today.


With the world disintegrating, it is only a matter of time before the end may just be near us. Rumors of leaving the planet are becoming more of an option—as things continue to get out of hand. Some have suggested that the pyramids are some type of lost civilization which existed such as the city of Atlantis.

Psychically, the structures are comparable to what is seen in Egypt even by their look. The exact size has yet to be determined. What is know about the pyramids are that they were man-made.

One rumor about these structures are that they could be what is known as “Nunatak” which are rocky peak structures. These protrusions pierce through the ice or glacial crust of mountains which are taller than the other terrain surrounding it.

With further exploration and discovery, these pyramids would shape the foundation of our civilization and change what we know about humanity forever. Everything we learned in school at least most of it is a complete lie. There have been different reports mentioning not only that pyramids have been exposed but that different structures have been sighted from Google Earth as well.


There is even a sea structure which has been spotted off the coast of Antarctica as well. It also seems rather mysterious that certain government officials have gone to these sites and perhaps have previously gone there before.

(Source: Aol Ruth Doherty)


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