Los Angeles man harassed by reptilian shapeshifters

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Richard Bruce

His name is Richard Bruce and ever since he uploaded videos regarding the existence of alien reptilians living among us, he has been stalked and harassed by various law enforcement officers and undercover agents—all of which are out to get him. Their methods continue to disrupt his daily life, as he constantly has to look around his shoulder.

Richard lives in California, within the Los Angeles area. He is a religious man, mentioning that he is a devout christian. As he grew up, he became aware of different things many simply dismissed as nonsense. While his faith is strong, he keeps his eyes open and his ears to the ground. Richard has been living in Los Angeles and the West San Fernando Valley since 1970.

Richard purchased a car dash camera, to document the side distractions made by the police—as they would pull over unsuspecting citizens near him, as they attempted to be inconspicuous about it. His analysis includes specifically reptilian shapeshifting.

The first video he uploaded, was titled “Reptilian Matrix Message” which appeared on YouTube back on February 14th of 2013. After the analysis was done for the 1999 film The Matrix (starring Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne) there were eight different helicopters, all hovering directly over his apartment in the Woodland Hills area.

It really seems that law enforcement has gone out of their way to follow him. Using a selfie stick, he talks about different incidents which have happened to him. Meanwhile, he is seen wandering through a remote nature trail. Richard mentions that not only do helicopters continually keep flying low near where he is, but unmarked surveillance vehicles can be seen not far away either.

Richard also uploaded proof about reptilian shapeshifting with a film titled “Your Taxes for my Reptilian LAPD Escort”. Four police officers later appeared at his doorstep, during April 1st of 2013 at 6:00 in the evening.

They claimed at the time, they were searching for a tenant at the premises, who had been missing for 8 months. However, Richard knew otherwise why they were really there. They essentially were spying on him and scouting out the situation.

More vehicles drive up and down on his street, he said they were large black SUV type vehicles. Clearly shaken up about it, he makes mention about attempts on his life and how they are making him out to be the bad guy. While much of this is quite incredible, Richard said that there were 3 attempts on his life so far by what he calls serpents.

Richard said late actor Paul Walker from the Fast and the Furious franchise, along with another were sent to consume (eat) him. This is also outrageous, but is this the real reason Paul later would die in that fateful car crash ending his life?

After reciting Psalm 27:2 from The Bible, Richard heard an intense booming sound and witnessed a bright green flash outside of his balcony. To date, he believes something protected him that evening. A super solider of sorts, sent from the almighty Lord thy God.

Richard said that several scary guys were stalking him behind a fence, next to his apartment. A fire hydrant was broken causing a public scene. He also thinks that the fire hydrant was intentionally broken to keep him protected.

Richard goes on to demonstrate another example of shapeshifting with actor Harrison Ford and his appearance in the original Blade Runner film released in 1982 with this photograph.

Harrison Ford shapeshifting

Someone asked Richard about who are these non-humans roaming the Earth?

He said he doesn’t know exactly but based upon his findings there are two different types. First are the reptilians and the other insectoids. Both of these are refereed to in The Bible as serpents and scorpions. Other types exist as well, classified as canines and feline beasts.

He makes mention that 29 different instances of the phrase “beasts of the field” are referenced in the scriptures. Egyptian artwork also shows different humanoid type figures which include alligators, birds, lions, and dogs all of which have distinctive features and are symbolized as gods from ancient times. Richard believes that all of these animals exist on other worlds and these are another version of them.

These are real beings, they live on other planets and they live underground. They also live among us, using their shapeshifting abilities.

Someone asked, how are they able to hide in plain sight?

Through the use of hybridization or holographic technology. They can hide their true appearance to the masses. These entities are highly intelligent compared to modern humanity. It doesn’t stop here, as a spiritual state of existence is here as well. They can see us, but we can’t see them. Much like an altered dimension comparably.

Richard continues by saying that everything he said will sound completely crazy to most everyone, but it is the truth of things. Much is happening in our world, which we simply don’t understand.

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