Woman secretly lives inside a vent at strangers home

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There are a fair amount of weird and unusual things which happen in our world nowadays. This time around, a man discovered the reason—why his food mysteriously was disappearing faster than he could remember. To Joe Cummings surprise, a woman was secretly living inside a ventilation opening near the kitchen.

During the night, she would sneak downstairs to the kitchen to eat and drink. Afterward, she would urinate in his sink. Joe had a suspicion about what was going on, so he installed a remote hidden camera to capture things.

Joe Cummings woman living in his vent

At first, Joe suspected his girlfriend was just hungry and later asked her—whether or not she had been eating while he was not around. To his surprise, she answered no, it wasn’t her. She was equally puzzled about what was happening.

This situation is rather unusual and many wouldn’t know what to do, other than phoning the police about it. What if this person had some sort of weapon? Or, what if they were mentally unstable to the point of being dangerous to themselves or others?

Woman secretly lives inside a vent at strangers home

Joe at first, simply couldn’t believe his eyes—as he watched a petite sized brunette woman (with bushy hair) come out from the vent opening above the kitchen. When authorities arrived on the scene, they learned that this woman had been living there for at least several weeks. Incredibly, she was able to stay in such a cramped space. Joe’s vent isn’t very big and she was able to fit herself in there rather well considering.

The scenario of this, is comparable to that of a horror film setup. However, this is more common than many people realize. A lot of folks who do things such as this—simply aren’t caught or they roam between different residences. By doing this, it in theory—lowers the chance that they would get caught. Fortunately for Joe and possibly someone else out there, this woman was caught in the act.

Woman secretly lives inside a vent

On the other side of the fence, why was this woman here? Did she lose her job and out of desperation did this? Perhaps something traumatic happened to her. Was she a victim of sex trafficking? There are many more questions to ask about this since it happened.

When someone comes home, they want to feel safe and protected. It is disturbing on different levels that someone would do such a thing. Many people can’t help but be creeped out by this, ever since it was posted back in 2009. Since the video was uploaded, it has been seen nearly 16 million times. Check it out below.

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