Snake-Like Reptilian Humanoid Changes One Families Destiny

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It all started years ago, when they were still in their early 20’s. They were having a rough go at it. Life was certainly tough for them and their family. Their love life of 17 years, was falling apart before them.

This couple had 3 young children. Their eldest child is an em path and he would often react to everything around him. 

The feelings it seemed were intense for everyone, during the night this same child would not look out any window. There seemed to be a reason for this, it was as if something was lurking within the night darkness. 

This child clearly was afraid that something was watching them. The boy wouldn’t open his eyes sometimes or when he did, there seemed to be a real terror happening.

He explained that there was something out there waiting to take him away. He kept hearing noises as well. This is what happened afterward but their life changed while they were on holiday abroad.

While traveling around the country of Ireland one evening, this couple played house music to drown out the other sounds around them. They explained that when they traveled like this, it was an escape comparing it to a kind of meditation. 

As they traveled down the dark road, their van light illuminated what resembled an elderly looking woman. She appeared to be stooping over as she shuffled along. Both of them wondered what this woman was doing out here by herself at night. It really seemed out of place.

Everything around them seemed like it slowed down. Things were in slow motion, they went from a driving speed of 75 miles per hour to walking speed. They explained they hit an invisible wall only without the impact of the crash. 

The elderly woman soon approached alongside the van. Things soon became out of this world creepy, as they noticed this old woman’s head detach from her body. Incredibly, she seemed to have a long neck, yet her head was still facing the ground. 

Alien reptilian woman

At first, they thought she had been in some kind of accident. However, this was not the case as the woman’s appearance was unlike anything they had ever seen before. The woman had green eyes that appeared to glow in the darkness, her vertically elongated black pupils set into a face covered in scales, in murky shades of green. 

Where her nose should be was a flat surface. Her mouth appeared to open wider as she moved. There were sharp looking teeth in her mouth that also seemed to protrude more as she further opened her mouth wider.

The person mentioned how they could “feel” this reptile woman on an emotional level. They knew they shouldn’t have been able to see her and this elderly reptilian woman was certainly angry about it. 

This couple tried to forget their out of this world encounter and didn’t speak about it for many years. After becoming pregnant back in 2012, she recalled this bizarre reptile woman experience from years earlier.

She asked her man whether or not he remembered anything about this. Immediately, he snapped back at her saying, “Never talk to me about it again, I don’t want to know.” 

She knew this experience had happened and wasn’t a part of her imagination, since they both could recall that bizarre night together. During this same time, she confronted her good friend. She discovered that some kind of entity was attached to her. She believes this is the same entity that previously entered her life from 3 times before. However, that is another story.

This is what she said, “My partner had experienced something indescribable but to a much lesser degree than me. When I spoke of the encounter, I held back, never letting myself fully relive the experience. That was until about 18 months ago, following the birth of my 3rd child.

I emigrated to Australia many years ago, spending the past 6 years in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Having recently moved to a small Sugar Cane farming town just outside of Cairns.

My brother, who I am incredibly close too, emigrated soon after me to live in Brisbane.

At work one day, listening to a radio segment on ‘Alien Encounters’ a guy called in with a story.

His story, incredibly similar to mine, took place in a cane farm just outside of Cairns. An old woman, in the distance, stooped over. She was standing alone in the darkness of the cane field. He looked away for a second and when he looked back at her, her body remained where it had been but her reptilian head was face to face with this guy.

My brother called me to tell me what he had heard. This phone call was the start of my healing journey, although I didn’t see it this way to begin with.

I thought the reptilian had followed me from Ireland, was she looking for me, was she going to hurt my kids.

With a newborn and 2 other young kids, a very unstable relationship and miles away from loved ones. My ‘dark night of the soul’ began.”

This story is quite remarkable yet difficult to believe. If it really happened, then this is further evidence that humans are not alone and we might be influenced by other forces out there. Many think there are alien reptilians living among us (in plain sight) disguised. 

(Source: Unexplained Mysteries)

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