Is Earth A Giant Prison Laboratory?

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This theory seems like a wild one but if people stop and think about it. Everything is controlled some way or another. People’s freedom is at risk in recent times more so than ever before. Perhaps we are being controlled in some way by unseen forces at work. Whether or not these entities are human or not is another question altogether. 

Many NDE (Near Death Experiences) come off as someone being screwed over by an astral timeshare salesman leading them to confusion with more questions. Some think that our government is being controlled by a dark force which reigns over our entire existence practically. High tax rates, insane laws being put into effect and layers upon layers of brainwashing through social media, influencers, television, radio, movies, theater and more. 

If anyone would dare question such authority, then they are likely to be shamed or made to feel guilty about these kinds of topics. It is like how we interact with one another sometimes, it comes off awkward or the other extremes. While the human mind is amazing in its own right, we lack a deep understanding about our surroundings or it has been presented to us in such a way to maintain a sense of boundaries. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There is an incredible amount of information being presented to us each and every day. It makes figuring out what is important or true quite difficult. Perhaps this is done to confuse us in some way. It’s likely a miracle that humans are beginning to awaken to a sense of enlightenment as they are beginning to see how bad things have become. The earth is heading in a bad direction right now. We desperately need to change it quickly and somehow make it better. 

We are likely being groomed to be here, while our other consciousness is being hoodwinked. This realm might be a trap for us and other beings here or nearby. There are a number of stories about such things and it really makes you wonder about it. Are we really being controlled by different means?

An anonymous person said they woke up in a simulation tank and later were attacked by parasites of some sort. Their awareness seemed to increase after this encounter and they didn’t know what was going on at first. 

This person believes there are different beings with different states of consciousness and origins. Maybe somehow they can manipulate our reality or bend it to their will. Perhaps humans have this as well but we haven’t tapped into it yet as we only use a small percentage of our mind currently. 

There seems to be a lot of hostility happening (with different beliefs) by many people over the littlest of things. We are fighting against one another instead of seeing the bigger picture. The stress level is through the roof and getting by is becoming more of a challenge to us. The arguments seem to be rising from utter frustration. 

Image by Drajt from Pixabay

Is it possible that if we use our imaginations we can fight back against the ruling forces and retake our claim in this world? They will never take control of our minds unless we want them to. What kind of existence would this be for us? More or less we would be zombies wandering around but you can see glimpses of this nowadays.

Just look around you, with everyone on their cell phones or distracted by other things. They are living in their own little bubble worlds and have become quite shallow to say the least. With robots coming and more technology we will have to adapt but AI is going to change the world a lot for sure!

Maybe our imagination is a rare thing and they want this. These archons seem to need us for certain things it seems. Our awareness and being able to manifest things or being able to create with our minds and hands. People will have to press forward, leading with their minds and being courageous with their hearts. We have to stop the madness by giving into such things. Let’s end this experimentation and rise above it – staging a better future for humanity or what’s left of it!

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