Man Proclaims He Is From 2027 With Video Proof

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The evidence is quite astounding as one man has posted on his YouTube channel Único Sobreviviente (Lone Survivor) and TikTok stating that he is from the future. Javier is seemingly alone and no one else is notably around in each of his videos. It’s like Javier is the last person left alive – which itself is rather disturbing and creepy to say the least.


His videos are quite compelling, making one think about our future and where we are heading. He continues to record himself doing different things and pans his phone around documenting his eerie surroundings. Many think this is fakery at best while others are not so sure anymore. 

One of his earliest videos shows Javier inside of the very hospital where he allegedly woke up and found himself isolated and alone. Much like the setup from out of a movie, he awakens to the interior of a hospital without anyone else around. He only recalls waking up wearing a bracelet and nearby there were some documents with him.

This document shows the name of the hospital and a date posted 10/02/2021. Several passages from what is shown on the letter, say something about an order and urgency. The document also says he arrived at the hospital unconscious. The name of the hospital is Hospital General Universitario de Valencia.

Image: YouTube

Certainly things can be faked and undoubtedly this is quite suspicious until proven otherwise. What is weird is seeing that power is still running at many of these locations. We can assume that technology has become even better 4 years from now. Perhaps a new method has been devised that keeps things running. 

Are there robots of some sort in these locations he wanders through? Computer systems and programming can keep things running but eventually they will need maintenance of some sort before they break down. In many of his videos the buildings all appear to have their lights on. So, again the power source must be made readily available. 

During one of the videos he asks Google what today is inside of a car with a display panel showing. The robotic voice can be heard saying Sunday, October 3rd, 2027. While Javier wanders around in different places like the beach, a shopping mall, random streets and other locations he appears to be completely alone. 

At times, he can be seen in the reflection of mirrors, windows and other reflective surfaces. There are no external sounds heard as he begins to transverse through each location shown in his video clips. He seems to be entirely alone. There are no animals seen, not even any birds or squirrels for example. Also, how is he able to gain access to all of these locations that he goes to?

But on the logical side of things, Javier is posting these videos on social media sites in our current timeline. Is he able to time travel or are they being automatically posted while he is gone 4 years into the future? Again, future technology might be at play here. Maybe there is a new method being used. His videos come across as haunting and creepy yet interesting as well. Who knows if this is for real? However, it is rather compelling to watch these videos on his social media platforms like Instagram. The video below is a nice overview about Javier’s channel.

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