How The Pollock Sisters Proved Reincarnation Is Real

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All of it started when three innocent children decided to go for a walk during May 5, 1957. They had no idea it would be their last – after a reckless woman struck them down with her car who was in the brink of a mental collapse. The woman who killed these three children was believed to be overwhelmed with lethal quantities of aspirin and phenobarbitone. Her name was Majorie Winn.

Before this incident occurred she was spotted around the small town of Hexham, Northumberland in England recklessly driving around completely out of control. As it turns out, Majorie struck down three small children. Two of them were sisters, both 11-year old Joanna Pollock and her younger 6-year old sister Jacqueline Pollock. The other was Anthony who died en route to the hospital.

Majorie didn’t die herself but was later admitted to a psychiatric facility. One statement in the police report said that the young girls were trapped between both the car and the wall behind where they were. The impact was fatal and “tossed them into the air like cricket balls.”

Of course their Catholic parents were devastated at what had happened. Both John and Florence Pollock decided to try and have children again, turning a new page in their life. As fate would have it, the parents were given two more girls who were identical twins. They were then named Gillian and Jennifer. 

The seven year old Pollock twins of Whitley Bay, Gillian and Jennifer (Image: Mirrorpix)

Most notably, these two girls had birthmarks on their bodies which resembled markings that both Joanna and Jacqueline had. Strangely enough, John had suspected that they would have twins despite the midwife hearing only one heartbeat throughout the pregnancy and there being no family history of twins.

The first birthmark was on the left side of Jennifer’s waist, this was identical to the birthmark that Jacqueline had on her body. The other was a depression type marking that was on her forehead and over her right eye. This was identical to the scar that Jacqueline had when she fell and struck her head on a bucket years earlier. 

Maybe all of this was just a coincidence? But maybe not, as both Gillian and Jennifer were inside the house they were given the hand-me-down toys from their fallen sisters. While in the attic, Gillian grabbed Joanna’s toys and Jennifer claimed Jacqueline’s. As Joanna was the elder of the two sisters she took on a more motherly role looking out for her younger sibling. This was a behavior once before observed by the Pollock parents. 

Notably, Joanna enjoyed using costumes and acting out in little plays that she imagined. Her sister Joanna shared the same interests and Joanna was quoted saying “I will never be a lady”. This meant that she would never grow up – a grim premonition of things that would come from her in her previous life as Jacqueline.

The girl’s parents worked a lot with their busy grocery and milk business. So, it was difficult for them to get more quality time with their girls. From what is understood, the girls were raised by their grandmother. Often the girls turned to her for love and guidance. Little things like how the girls held their pencils while writing was odd. Before her death, Jacqueline was still trying to write and read. 

Image: Mirrorpix

Both Gillian and Jennifer held their pencils upright in a fisted position. It wasn’t until age seven when Jennifer reverted to holding her pen in an upright manner. She did this up until her young adult years.

Up until the twins were nine months old, they would later move away from Hexham. When they returned around 3 or 4 years later, they proceeded to cross the road and go to a park with swings nearby. It was evident that the girls knew their way around the area. 

While both Joanna and Jacqueline were both still alive, their mother Florence often would wear a smock when helping her husband with the milk delivery business. During this time, Jacqueline was still quite little and often home during this time. Her sister Joanna was off at school. After both of the girls died, Florence stopped helping with the family business and the smock was stored away.

Later, father John put the smock on to do some painting. Eerily his daughter Jennifer looked up at him and said, “Why are you wearing mummy’s coat?”. Of course the father was puzzled over this and asked how she knew this was Florence’s coat. Jennifer responded by saying that her mother wore it while helping deliver milk. Jennifer allegedly was quite annoyed that her sister Gillian didn’t recognize the smock herself.

In other moments, there was a time when Gillian pointed to Jennifer’s forehead where the birthmark was and said, “That is the mark Jennifer got after she fell on a bucket.” It was evidently clear that both of the girls were afraid of cars and scared to even cross the road. When a car engine was heard they would scream and cower down screaming “The car! The car! It’s coming for us!”

In the year of 1981, Gillian said she had visions of where she witnessed herself paying in a sandpit in Wickham. This is the same town the family lived in when Joanna was around 3 years old. She described the place to a tee with each and every detail. For sure, something about all of this was difficult to make sense of. It seems these girls might have been reincarnated after all. 

Source: medium and mirror uk

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