Mysterious Dog Entity Approaches Man In Car At Night

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For whatever reason, things don’t always seem as they appear. During a dark night recently, one man in his car experienced something extraordinary. Known as @justnoah1212 on TikTok, he posted a rather unusual video clip about 6 days ago. The video has gone viral since amassing 3.3 million views so far. 

Image: TikTok

Clearly he is upset, confused and frankly bewildered about what had happened even throwing in a few swear words. Noah had no idea what he was going to come up against during this night. There has been a lot of speculation about what exactly this thing was. At first, it genuinely seems to have the appearance of a dog. If it actually was a dog, then what it does next is remarkable. 

Noah dog by car night @justnoah1212
Image: TikTok

One would think that the dog simply wandered off and around the car after the camera pans back towards the nighttime road way. However, this wasn’t the case at all. Notably, the driver side rear view mirror never seems to show the dog’s reflection. Because of this and how the dog seems to simply vanish into the night, many are thinking it is some kind of ghostly spirit. 

There are many entities that can take on the shape of different things in our world – even to win over our trust in certain moments. Some of these are believed to be a type of shapeshifter known in some Native American tribes as a Skin-walker. They are humanoid type creatures that date back for centuries in old folklore tales within North America. They are believed to either possess or disguise themselves as an animal of sorts.

Image: TikTok

Did this man come across one of these Skin-walkers? Or, was it actually some kind of ghostly type entity? One can merely speculate anyway for now. Other perspectives about this include this being a guardian spirit of some kind. Maybe this dog appeared or manifested to stop Noah from entering the highway too soon leading to an untimely death. It could have been an angel in disguise as there have been many different miraculous moments captured on video before. 

If you are a realist then obviously this dog just wandered off into the night. Although it did seem quite sudden and only seconds seemed to pass by – as the camera began to pan back to the driver side window where the dog was. Noah can be heard saying, “Like that car right there coulda killed you.” as he was speaking to the dog. 

It seems most folks believe that this dog entity was there to save him from pulling out into traffic upon that night. It is the small things that we do that affect our lives. Those microscopic moments shape the outcome of our day. Most certainly the video is interesting to look at. It would be interesting to see this same location during the day, if Noah ever returns there to post again. One thing for sure, that dog was trying to get his attention for a reason or slow him down intentionally.

@justnoah1212 Replying to @sercorey look in the side mirror, hes just not there. Yet i felt him in my hand#fyp ♬ original sound – Truth
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