Aliens Are Believed To Be Already Among Us

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There have been a lot of bizarre happenings lately, it makes one wonder what in the world is going on? The question of whether or not aliens have existed is one that has been captivating humanity for centuries. The life long question of whether or not they actually exist is a fascinating subject. It seems that the majority of the scientific community – hasn’t found anything  profound yet to proclaim the existence of such alien entities. 

There are many arguments regarding this controversial subject. Continuous video coverage around the world shows unusual cloud formations, which are believed to be some sort of spaceship of sorts. Some of these occurrences include what are known as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) otherwise known as UFOs. 

Surely some of these sightings are fake. However, there are a few which are rather questionable. The technology that other beings would have, is going to be likely superior to anything mankind has ever known before.

Perhaps some people have heard of The Drake Equation. This equation was developed by astronomer Frank Drake. He estimated the number of potential civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy may well be able to communicate in some way. Drake’s equation is speculative but the vastness of the universe suggests the possibility may actually exist. 

Image by kalhh from Pixabay

Another argumentative scenario is The Fermi Paradox. It seems that logic applies to the possibilities of extraterrestrial life forms. There are billions of habitable planets out there. There must be a few that have life forms of some variety. 

It’s rather ignorant to think otherwise. We know very little and planet Earth is merely a speckle in the scope of things. People get caught up with their own little bubble world to not see more around them, especially nowadays.

For years people have speculated about the “little green men” walking amongst us. They have been popularized by pop culture including comic books, novels, television and movies. Perhaps a more realistic scenario would be more like microbial life forms. 

These small organisms could be with us already unknowingly. With some of Earth’s harsh environments these small sized organisms could adapt and survive somehow. Maybe they can float through the galaxy about to transverse to other places over time. Meanwhile, other ideas include more intelligent life that are able to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to probe our world. Of course there are many people out there who claim to have encountered a paranormal experience with alien life. 

Everyone is familiar with grey aliens. These are also referred to as Zeta Reticulans or Roswell greys or grays. Known for their dark large sized eyes their bodies are smooth, grey-colored by appearance and they are hairless. Their stature is typically shorter and some believe them to be merely minions for a larger more advanced species of aliens. They might be workers or bio-engineered type humanoids who help conduct experiments on human beings. 

Even the late great H. G. Wells described these alien entities in the article, “The Man of the Year Million”. As many descriptions about them matchup, Wells also mentioned them as having no mouth, noses or hair to speak of. They also have large sized heads as well. 

Image by Sabrina Belle from Pixabay

Then there are the reptilians, a species believed to dwell beneath us on Earth. They might live in underground caverns and there might be a possibility of cities deep down below. These humanoid type creatures have reptile-like bodies. Some believe that when people go missing each year, they have in fact been taken below never to be seen again. Are some of the people being enslaved, eaten or both? The question remains. 

Covert type observations may be going on with governments and some kind of alien species. There may even be multiple agreements going on. How did we acquire all of this technology? It truly makes one wonder. 

While much of this is speculative, there does seem to be a lack of evidence about all of this. Was this intentional? Why all the secret societies and coverups? Something significant like this would deeply impact our way of life and society if the real truth comes to light. For now, we can only wonder what is really happening right under our noses.

Alien Entity Interacts With Unknown Bearded Man At Night

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