Hovering Black Humanoid Hovers Over El Paso, Texas

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Seen in this photograph, appears to be a black humanoid shaped figure hovering in the evening sky. Some have said it is a kite, while others think its the moth man. This occurred back on July 31st of 2015. The photo was taken at around 10:30 pm in North Wales.

Black Humanoid Caught on Camera

While glancing at this incredible photograph, many have been left bedazzled. It is difficult to understand what exactly it is. Perhaps even, this is some sort of alien entity captured.

Witness report: It wasn’t some big event that I observed, more like an accidental picture of something really strange. The following is what was said about this photograph:

“I was snapping pictures of the beautiful colors and textures created in the clouds by the sun setting. I take three pictures at a time for a quality check. I didn’t really notice what I caught until 20 minutes later when I showed my wife what great pictures I took.

Then we came across the picture I’m talking about, and we were baffled as to what it could be… I took two similar pictures before and the object was not there in the sky.

There were no birds around cause there aren’t any trees on this side of town, not really enough for much bird activity.

So I thought why not go ahead and upload my picture to MUFON, maybe they have an answer to what this strange appearance in the sky could be.”

American-based non-profit organization MUFON, often investigates different cases involving UFO sightings. Some of them are questionable, while others are obviously fake. This photo was cataloged as Mufon case number 68439.

Creepy Black Humanoid Caught on Camera

The question remains whether or not this witness actually captured something on camera. Was this some kind of interdimensional being or there is a logical explanation for this uniquely strange phenomenon?

There are so many different strange things found in the sky. More often than not, the quality or shaped of these objects, make them difficult to understand what they actually are. Our imaginations can sometimes get the best of us. That being said, there are still no explanations of what this actually was.

Maybe it really was someone’s kite that got away from them after all. Definitely, this is a weird photograph unlike anything else seen yet. One theory is, this is a Citizen of El Paso, Texas called Shaytan.

(Source: UFO Sightings Hotspot)

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