Mysterious ATM Machine Found In Wilderness

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Recently in the State of Maine, an ATM machine was found quite literally in the middle of nowhere. It was discovered by a woman jogging on North Deer Isle at around 7:15 AM. It happened on Tuesday November 21st. Hancock County Sheriff’s office investigators, photographed this ATM out in the woods. It is really strange for several reasons.

ATM machine found in Maine wilderness

First of all, the Tidel ATM machine doesn’t look like it was tampered with. This model machine, is apparently quite common, according to Detective Steve McFarland who was assigned to work on this case.

The detective went on to say that the woman who discovered it, noticed it was standing upright along the edge of the woods. This wasn’t far from where she walks each day. Her comment was, ‘This does not look right’.

Secondly, why would anyone simply leave a machine like this? Typically when an ATM machine has been stolen, it would later be broken into and discarded somewhere according to McFarland. Any kind of machine like this, wouldn’t be the easiest thing to steal. Previously, burglars have broken into convenience stores after closing. So, this probably happened with this machine as well.

Burglars then cart away the ATM machines as discreetly as possible. More commonly, some burglars leave these types of machines alongside roads, that are badly damaged after being pried open. These types of machines, are tossed off a pickup truck as an example.

This mysterious ATM machine, was found in the woods about six-tenths of a mile off Dexter Farm Road – a dirt road that runs from Route 15 in North Deer Isle. Another dirt road is frequented by hunters nearby this location as well. Apparently, footprints were discovered in the snow. It is highly likely that several individuals were involved in this particular crime. These people are more than likely outdoors men.

McFarland also commented, “It was set up like a hunter might need quick cash for a cup of coffee in the middle of the woods”.

So far, nobody has reported a stolen ATM machine yet according to McFarland. One tip regarding a Brunswick diner turned out to be a dead end. Detective McFarland managed to plug in the machine but it didn’t work. McFarland mentioned that this is an older machine and it may have been discontinued from service. It is possible that someone left this outside here as a joke.

The machine hasn’t been opened to check if it has money inside. Currently, he is trying to trace the machine to its owner through the serial number and manufacturer. The detective said he is open to the humor of this and whoever left it should contact him at 207-667-7575.

“I could charge them with littering, but I doubt it. I don’t think I would do that,” he said. “I would probably want the owner to come get it and dispose of it more appropriately.”

(Source: Bangor Daily News)

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