Ultrasound Photo Resembles Daughters Father Inside Of Her Womb

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It really is something life after death and what happens afterward. According to a pregnant daughter, her father’s face can be seen inside her womb after an ultrasound scan. The expectant mother to be, lives in San Diego and previously suffered several miscarriages from before. 

Perhaps this was her father’s way of letting her know everything is going to be okay this time. Shantel Carrillo is five months pregnant. She had her scans taken last week and couldn’t believe what was seen. At first, she didn’t notice the resemblance of her father next to her unborn baby. 

News of this soon spread around social media, as Shantel shared her photos. Both friends and family noticed the face near the unborn child. The face appears to be kissing the baby.

Shantel shared that her father Chuck was unusual man he was still alive. Her father was known to do some silly things and was a bit of a prankster while he was around. This would be something he would do according to her.

Woman sees late father in ultrasound photo

Some are convinced that the scan instead shows the silhouette of a ghostly character. Comparable to several other photos of Chuck (who passed away back in 2016) this scan does seem to show a man’s head. 

The second time mom-to-be is certain that this is her father’s image. Eerily the photos do match the outline of Chuck. It is something that cannot be explained otherwise, this is some kind of supernatural type moment captured in this scan. Both figures do appear to be remarkably similar. 

“If you were to know my dad, you would know that that’s something he would do,” she marveled, “he’d come back and do something crazy like this. I just find it so awesome.” Shantel said. 

The second-time mom said it’s a fitting image for her late dad, who was a doting granddad to Myree and would “melt” in her presence. “My dad was obsessed with my daughter,” she remarked.

Although her father is not physically present within our world, Shantel believes that the ultrasound is a message to the family and is a real validation for her father’s loving character. This makes for a nice story but many still don’t believe this. Perhaps they do not see what others do.

(Source: Coast To Coast AM and The Sun)

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