Snake Discovered Inside Passenger’s Potato Sack Carry-On Bag

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Things happen inside airports, that sometimes are outrageous – often this is due to stupidity or not knowing what you can bring onto an airplane. This is another weird moment, when a passenger discovered a poisonous snake inside of a potato sack, that they had inside their baggage.

The incident occurred at Cochin International Airport recently. The man had no idea there was a snake inside their sack of potatoes. Apparently, he was at a marketplace and bought a bag of potatoes from a local farmer. He was on his way to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Cochin International Airport snake in potato sack

The slithering fiend was wedged between potatoes and he was lucky he was never bitten by this snake. From security sources at the airport and elsewhere, the snake was an Indian krait. This species of snake are among the four most deadly snakes within the region. It’s poison is deadly to anyone. This particular snake, can reach lengths between 3 to 6 feet long. The snake usually has around 40 different white cross bars, that appear along its body.

This man’s carry-on “snake bag” was scanned through the security station with an X-ray machine. Central Industrial Security Force screeners were startled by the snake inside the sack. After the incident, the man was initially arrested for having the snake in his luggage. However, he was later released, after police determined it was a complete accident.

Also around the world recently, a boy made headlines after he was very upset after having to leave his pet python behind. However, his snake was not real…it was toy. He was left heartbroken over not being able to take his stuffed animal snake with him. South African officials simply wouldn’t let him board the plane with his “soft toy python”, it resembled the real thing way too much!

There have been many incidents regarding snakes and airplanes. Some of them were intentional while others were not. You never know what to expect while traveling nowadays it seems.

(Source: Fox News)

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