Ghostly girl shares view with her sister

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This photo shows a small girl at a grave site, she is seen standing by the water. There isn’t much known about her other than an estimation of when the photograph was taken. It seems to be around the early 1900’s with the way she is dressed and the age of the photograph. Some people have said this was taken in the year of 1925.

One can only guess why she is casting several reflective images of herself in the water. Speculation is this secondary image of her is either a twin (which was lost) and she is standing there with her at the graveyard. Another guess is some sort of demonic presence is there with her, watching her every move.

Perhaps this entity is simply watching over her as she gazes into the pool of water. Who took the photograph is another best guess. However, perhaps it was her parents who captured something rather special on that fateful day. The time of year would be in spring or summer as she has no coat or jacket on.


Mentioned online from different sources—people have said that she was seen talking with someone from the distance. This didn’t stop here, as she was seen and heard talking with an imaginary friend. Just maybe this friend was real in a supernatural sense. Children and animals often can see things which adults cannot as their souls haven’t been corrupted by the ways of the world.

The double-reflection is the only known photo which exists, expert analysis deems the photo to be legit and not tampered with. Others think this is some sort of composited shot and is nothing more than a fake. Where it was taken is still unknown as well.


The photograph is known by the name “The Reflecting Pool” by Peter A. Cohen who has gathered an extensive collection of such photos over the last twenty-five years. He is a New York-based collector of snapshots and vernacular photography. You can find his website collection HERE.

The photos have originated from the book “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” by author Ransom Riggs. A movie has sense been released by Tim Burton on September 30th of 2016. The story takes place after following a family tragedy located on an abandoned orphanage, located on a Welsh island.

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