Topless woman dances with bees

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Sara Mapelli

She is 44 years old, what she likes to do is rather usual. Her affinity with nature is unparalleled. In particular, she has found solace with honey bees. Without fear or hesitation Sara Mapelli will have between 12,000-14,000 honey bees placed on her body. She finds this to be freeing to her spirit. Sara has a special pheromone which is then used to attract the bees to her. This scent is equal to that of a hundred queen bees.


For Sara this is a calling, she said that the hives mind surrounds her expanding her body on a cellular level. She shares tea time with the bees and has only been stung just once so far. Her dance moves are a connection with nature trying to harmonize herself to be at one with nature and its surroundings.

She has an assistant who helps her remove the bees by jumping up and down to shake off the swarm.
What she described is an overwhelming feeling of comfort as she feels cleansed afterward. Mapelli is by trade a beekeeper and has been one for many years.

Sara arms extended

She said: “I just want people to understand that they don’t need to fear nature”. “I hope to help the bees of the Northwest by encouraging them to swarm and become hardy to the ever changing environment”.

Sara has inspired others to try this as well.

Young girl with bees









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