Public pooping problem at the beaches of India

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Shitting at the beach of Mahim near Mumbai

Incredibly, with such a vast income inequality, many people living in the slums of Mumbai (formerly called Bombay) are taking shits along India’s west coast beaches. This densely populated city, has many of its inhabitants slumming to use the restroom.

People are relieving themselves out in the open without a care in the world—as they are forced to live with such grueling conditions. Even to use the toilet…is a privilege here. Sometimes people pay for this at different costs. Being able to use the restroom, is a basic human right and most people have the luxury of this everyday in other locations around the world.

Man shows toilet Mumbai

The availability of going to the restroom here in Mumbai, simply does not exist for the working poor and/or homeless. A majority of people head to the beach and do their business there instead. They then wait, as the waves wash over them and their remains.

The beach here is littered with waste everywhere literary. Careful where you step, as fresh droppings are scattered across on this shore. One notable statistic is, there are only four different toilet blocks for over 25,000 people. This is unacceptable to any human anywhere.

Slum of Mumbai

One local resident explained, that when you finally get your chance to use the toilet here—the day is almost over. This only adds to the amount of waste being produced along India’s shore here. There are buses which have been built that are run by human waste, perhaps something can be done about this problem here as well.

The population of Mumbai is 18.41 million (2011) it is more than likely higher now and with more people there can be more problems even beyond this crappy situation. VPRO Metropolis produced a video about this epidemic and now has people talking.

It was released back in 2014. Not far from here is nearby Elephanta Island, a place that houses many ancient cave temples which are dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The city of Mumbai, is the heart of Bollywood and the film industry here.

Of course the citizens who live here are outraged, while they are also used to this. Any kind of sewer system doesn’t exist within this location. It is also not advised to swim in the water here either. Enter at ones own risk!

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