The Poo Bus

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all, something else comes along which is pretty unbelievable. In Britain, a new wave of stink is about to hit the streets. It will be the crappiest idea ever. Looking for new greener ways to help the environment, a new bus line is being established which runs on human waste. Many nicknames have already been given such as “The Poo Bus” operated by the Bath Bus Company.

This human waste powered bus can travel upwards of around 186 miles on a single tank of bio-methane gas, made from a process known as anaerobic digestion. The supermarket chain franchise Sainbury’s uses this same technology already to power one of its stores located in Cannock. From what is known about this new bus line, “The Poo Bus” will carry 10,000 passengers from the Bristol Airport and the Bath city center each and every month. (It’s being run on the A4 route instead of number 2)


Will a new transportation line such as this catch on in other areas of the world? Perhaps so, with so much waste available, new technologies are in place to make use of waste instead of letting it waste away.

This 40 seat bus is the equivalent of five people’s human waste over a period of one year. Engineers have actually mentioned that this new Bio-Bus can provide a new sustainable way of fueling public transport around the world. The side affect is it will also improve urban air quality as well.

With the use of bio methane done in this way, it will not only provide a sustainable fuel, but also reduce our reliance for traditional fossil based fuels. One person mentioned this is the shittiest idea ever, and maybe they are right!


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