Father’s haunted doll collection has family freaked out

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Barry Collingswood and his haunted doll collection

A father’s haunted doll collection has his family spooked out. The family lives in England and the 63 year old father, has become obsessed with collecting dolls. The notion is, that each of the dolls he has been collecting, are haunted by something.

His name is Barry Collingswood and he has been collecting these proclaimed haunted dolls for 8 months now. He is insistent that each of these dolls is rather unique and special. Both Barry and his wife Sarah have added more than 30 dolls to their bedroom so far.

Many of these dolls are believed to be spirited in some way. The dolls have been gathered from second hand shops mostly and some have stories behind them. Barry believes these dolls all have a paranormal presence behind them, as he demonstrates with his phone application in a video.

Barry’s 56 year old wife Sarah, suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She urged her husband to get rid of the first doll he brought home, without even seeing it first—as she had a bad feeling about the doll.

Sarah, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, told her husband to get rid of the first doll he bought home without even seeing it—because she claimed to have a bad feeling about it.

Sarah had mentioned:

“I know it sounds crazy. I got up on the wall outside about to put the doll which was still wrapped in polythene in a bin, when a gust of wind unwrapped it and all of a sudden I was on the floor.”

“There was a pane of glass which I almost put my wrist through. She must have sensed what I was doing and tried to kill me.”

Barry and Josh Collingswood

Barry’s 18 year old son Josh, said that his fathers home located in Kingsbridge resembles the 2014 horror film Annabelle. (a haunted doll that torments a family) The family has mentioned that some of their appliances have turned on randomly. They suspect these haunted dolls are behind these strange happenings. There is something just about them.

Sometimes dolls can become vessels for spirits and they can channel mysterious forces through them. Josh said, that he will be happy when there aren’t any haunted dolls watching him. Sometime this year, he said he will be moving out to live with a friend.

It isn’t so bad in the daytime but when the night comes around, the dolls completely change the mood and setting of the house.

Josh said: “I don’t think all of them are haunted but I do get quite creepy feelings from them and I sometimes feel as though they’re watching me when I’m home alone.”

Barry’s 21 year old daughter Natasha said that each time her father goes out to get milk, he comes back with a new doll. Nobody from the family knows exactly where he gets the dolls from. He is now a man obsessed.

(Source: The Sun)

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