Australian lady dresses up like horse

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Horse woman

Sometimes people feel like they aren’t a part of the world, at least in their own skin. This lady believes she has a kinship with horses. If centaurs were real, she would feel quite comfortable. Meet Leanne from down under, a website designer from Australia’s Gold Coast. Many people like horses and they have been not only companions; but used to work farms, race and carry people throughout time. Leanne feels like she wants to step into these hooves. Her horse name is Shyanne when she gets dressed up as a pony. She will trot around and even pull her friend Grace along with a custom made getup.

Leanne mentioned that she enjoys becoming a horse and thinks of them as equals. Her friend Grace said that her friend becomes a horse to overcome a shyness which has plagued her over time. With her being such an introverted personality, she is just expressing how she really feels and being a horse helps her cope with things in her life. It is a mere expression which is a part of her personality. This is very much part of her identity.

horse lady

There are fetishes people have which manifest themselves by action. Often people will act out or behave rather strangely. Leanne isn’t shy about her pony ensemble, she wears a rubber jumpsuit along with her hooves and long tail. She and her friend have taken to the streets with her galloping around. It seems no place is off limits for her pony persona. People do give her odd looks, but that is okay by her. The overall reaction seems to be a positive one.

Leanne said: “I think when the world looks at me as a pony, they see something that makes them think “Oh my God, that’s amazing.” For me, it’s spiritual. “It’s a different realm. You’re not worried about bills, you’re not worried about going to work. I become freer, I’m me. I’m introverted and I do express through being a pony girl. And that’s a wonderful place to be for somebody. That’s a great place to be.”

Leanne’s costumes have cost her up to $13,000 dollars.


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