The paranormal video diary of Michael Magee

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His name is Michael Magee and he has been haunted for the last 7 years. His YouTube channel documents strange occurrences happening in his home, it is a paranormal video diary. At first, he thought where he was living was the problem, however this isn’t the case. As it turns out, Michael is being haunted by some sort of paranormal presence. Currently, he has near 85,000 subscribers. One of his videos has close to 7.7 million views.

He is unclear whether or not this is a demon or a ghost, however he has been experiencing a series of paranormal events over time. After everything that he has seen, at some point—he decided to setup video surveillance cameras across his home. When he plays back the video, he is disturbed by what he captured on video each time.

Michael Magee kitchen

These things seem to happen to him in different locations. It isn’t defined by one room only. Michael lives in the United Kingdom, this part of the world is known for paranormal activity—as many things have happened throughout history here. Perhaps a trapped soul is lurking in the shadows and stalking him, maybe this soul has dementia and fixated on him. The other theory is, that this thing is more demonic by nature, it may well be a curse placed upon him from a previous life existence.

Whatever this thing is, he has recorded many moments of it on camera and does believe this thing is rather violent. Unfortunately, Michael may well live with this paranormal presence—for the rest of his life. He isn’t alone as other people have reported similar experiences. The best thing for him to do is to pray for good riddance of this foul fiend which is plaguing his life.

The range of creepy things which happen, consist from chairs moving to dolls falling off shelves and thumps and knocks at doors. Michael has seen orbs which manifest during certain moments as well. Sometimes he said that the orbs appear in larger numbers and in different rooms.

There are things which seemingly move by themselves, which are seen in each video he posts on his channel. Certainly people doubt how authentic his videos really are. Perhaps he should invite those doubters over to spend the night and see for themselves—how real things really are for him and others.

Michael Magee

Many would like to see a team or paranormal investigator come document Michael and try to independently capture footage of his encounters. Things such as this do happen to people and there have been famous cases of paranormal activity recorded.

In regards to Michael having a reputable paranormal investigator enter his home, he wants to maintain his privacy. Imagine the media frenzy which would happen if word got out about Michael and his location.

His home would become an amusement park for people wanting ghosts or demons to interact with them, something most would never want to experience in their lifetime. For those who disbelieve, watch the following video he put together capturing many different moments. Enjoy it HERE.

Michael has a Facebook page also found HERE.

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