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Alien recorded on top of The White House

Standing on top of The White House, appears to be some sort of extraterrestrial entity. It seems to have a bald oval shaped head and is wearing some kind of skin tight suit as well. People are now wonder, whether or not this is the real thing or if it is some kind of Halloween

Alien being photographed at park in Argentina

In the country of Argentina, one of the greatest alien photos ever taken has been recently captured. On September 13, 2017 in the area known as Parque Miter, an upright humanoid extraterrestrial was spotted and a cell phone picture was taken of it. Initially, a local group of teenagers reported seeing a strange looking creature

Small mummified remains found in Russia, might be extraterrestrial

Dating back to the year of 1996, a discovery was made about a small-sized mummified skeleton. It was deemed to be not of human origin originally. A number of conspiracy theorists, regard the remains as definitive evidence of some sort of alien corpse that was recovered. This mummified skeleton, was found in a small Russian

Alien Interview Secrets of Universe Revealed

  As time passes on Earth we can only reflect upon what mankind has done and what we will become. This video whether it’s fake or not was set back in 1964, a secret project with a number was attached to it. The document is labeled 220675. It was done in the month of June