Woman Given Powers After Being Abused

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Some people go on to lead a fairly normal life, while others have had to overcome many different things. The world isn’t a fair place but nobody should ever suffer so greatly. Robin Harfouche, appeared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! This episode aired back in 2000.

While on this episode, Robin went on to explain a series of unfortunate events, that took place so far in her life. She said the doors of opportunity, would simply open up for her. This may have been due to a reoccurring dream she had, where a woman came to her on a horse. She was scared and recalls being inside a cabin while looking out the window.

Robin Harfouche demonic experience

She felt that this unknown woman wanted something from her. When she was around 5 years old, she told her mother about this strange dream she kept having. Robin’s mother explained to her, that this unknown woman (based upon her description) sounded like her great grandmother – who was believed to be a witch. Robin never knew anything about her previously.

Tragically, Robin was sent to live with grandparents. This turned out to be a mistake. Allegedly, her grandparents molested her between the age of 4 until 13. While she was being molested, Robin explained that she left her body seeming to float away. Not only could she see herself, but she could see others around her as well. It was like a transitional realm, between both reality and another plane of existence entirely. Obviously, this was violently traumatic for her.

Within this invisible realm that she was in, Robin explained that she could speak with other children there. There she spoke with these strangers and simply knew things that she couldn’t really explain in words.

It seems after her traumatic experiences as a teenager, she gained an ability to look at people and simply knew what they were thinking. It was as if, she could just read their minds. People’s thoughts were so real to her, that when someone would think about something…Robin would then answer their thoughts.

While in college, she said a spirit guide of sorts appeared to her in the daytime hours. Robin was around 18 years old during this time. He told her that she had been chosen. This guide explained that he knew everything that had happened to her as a child growing up. This guide later explained to Robin, that she was born with a psychic gift. Perhaps this is the very reason why should could see and hear this guide. The guide then explained that he was there to help develop her psychic power.

Robin then described her guide. He was a cross between an alien and an angel. The alien look it had was comparable to that of a grey alien seen in abductee drawings. However, was this some kind of demon instead? It seems that Robin not only gained a psychic type ability but she also was destined to be a dancer as well. She is a creative type person and while wandering by a dance studio one day, she felt the urge to enter.

Before this, she stood in front of the studio weeping in tears. A woman inside, soon realized that something was telling her to make contact with Robin. This woman turned out to be a dance instructor. So, the two of them went to have lunch together. Robin went on to get trained and paid at the same time. The doors of opportunity continued to open for her it seems. Her story in a remarkable one and she has since gone on to release the book From Hollywood To Heaven.

Whether or not she has powers is debatable, yet she has since built the foundation for her future it seems.

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