Alien being photographed at park in Argentina

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In the country of Argentina, one of the greatest alien photos ever taken has been recently captured. On September 13, 2017 in the area known as Parque Miter, an upright humanoid extraterrestrial was spotted and a cell phone picture was taken of it.

Initially, a local group of teenagers reported seeing a strange looking creature wandering nearby. Later, a group of police officers from Commissariat No. 4 arrived on the scene. They scoured the area, to find this unusual sight of panicked teens and an alien being.

Once the police arrived, they wandered over slowly, approaching this strange thing. They soon realized that this was no human but something else entirely. It appeared to be a rather traditional looking extraterrestrial, typically seen in movies and drawings.

Alien photograph in Argentina park

The officers began to photograph this alien with a cell phone camera. As the officers moved closer towards it, the alien lunged into the Paraná River waters below and they soon lost track of it. Argentina is no stranger to alien encounters and sightings, it is one country known for many apparent sightings to occur. However, before losing sight of this alien being, the officers managed to record perhaps one of the best known photographs of an alien ever.

Alien photograph at Argentina Parque Miter Park

The image is so good in fact, it does raise suspicions about its authenticity. Clearly, while glancing at the photograph, the shape and size of the alien is rather remarkable to see. It has the oval head shape and almond dark shaped eyes. It’s hands appear to have only 3 fingers protruding outward. From the distance of where the photograph was taken, it appears to be fairly tall in height as well.

Radio Facebook LT7AM 900 of the neighboring city of Corrientes, mentioned that this occurred on Tuesday night, at the park in the capital of Corrientes. The exact location was near where a number of abandoned ships are located not far from the water. Eyewitnesses at first, started reporting a “strange person” wandering around the area here.

Officers were certainly suspicious of what was happening here. Apparently, a police phone was used numbered 612, which captured a visual photograph of the subject. Little did they know, they would encounter something otherworldly wandering through the area.

It is unknown just how long this alien was wandering through the park. Long enough to get many reactions by onlookers before disappearing into the river. As with many things such as this, people often react in different ways. The photograph is incredible and may be the best evidence of aliens living among us yet.

(Source: Disclose TV and Diaro Primeralinea)

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