Alien Interview Secrets of Universe Revealed

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Project blue book

As time passes on Earth we can only reflect upon what mankind has done and what we will become. This video whether it’s fake or not was set back in 1964, a secret project with a number was attached to it. The document is labeled 220675. It was done in the month of June and marked as classified.

There are other indicators on the cover sheet shown in the video, giving more numbers and letters reading MAJ 12 SO, EBE-3 I2. What all of this means is anyone’s best guess. The alien subject was held in captivity for only 5 days. This is the only known recording of this incident to date. Everything else is claimed to have disappeared from government records or covered up for obvious reasons.

The voice of the extraterrestrial is difficult to understand at times. The interviewer asks some relevant questions to our sense of purpose and our future existence. There are many theories about various books which have been kept secretly in a vault somewhere. In these series of books are records with encounters of alien life documented.

These are referred to by color such as “Yellow Book” or also known as “The Bible”. This particular book documents interactions and involvement with Earth’s development and technology. There certainly is a reason we acquired such things. The origination of the book is thought to exist at the now famous Holloman AFB landing back in April of 1964.

Alien interview 2

Look at what has happened in recent times, the internet, cell phones, television and other new wave gadgets. Where did we get all this high tech stuff from? Perhaps the alien speaks some sense of truth as he/she mentions—it is actually us from the future. A mind blowing concept if you think about it.

There is another book known as “The Red Book” this book is quite large in size detailing various accounts in summary compiled by the US government. This book dates back to 1947. Several other books are thought to exist as well.

During the interview the alien mentions they traveled thousands of light years to get here. The alien then declares that it is from Earth and from our future. Then the alien says to travel in time is to travel in space. Afterward the extraterrestrial states it’s an evolutionary descendant. This alien descendant is an observer to what is happening now.

From our distant future, the alien says things are destroyed from a future war. In our future—the alien says there has been…involvement of evolving past a need for superstition. The interviewer then asks the alien “What happens when we die?”. The alien states it does not exist.

Each person will inevitably experience all different types of life proclaiming we are our instances of life. We are only separated from this by what we call death. There are infinite number of universes which exist. Each of them with different physical properties.

Not all of them support life as we know it. They are each different with different properties. The universe that we are living in on our planet Earth does not support life according to the alien interviewed. The interviewer asks “So, why do we destroy ourselves with nuclear war?”. The alien states Dogma (a set of principles laid down by an authority). The alien warns of a future technology which will destroy us all as it gets into the hands of evil doers.

Alien interview body

The boy from Mars
Alien caught on video in Puerto Rico

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