Alien recorded on top of The White House

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Standing on top of The White House, appears to be some sort of extraterrestrial entity. It seems to have a bald oval shaped head and is wearing some kind of skin tight suit as well. People are now wonder, whether or not this is the real thing or if it is some kind of Halloween prank. Other believe, this is nothing more than computer generated imagery.

Alien entity on top of White House

This alien being, appears to be quite stereotypical, with its movements and looks like a grey alien specimen t. Grey aliens, are the most common talked about and seen alien species on Earth. They are believed to have abducted a number of people each year. On the flip side, there have been reports of them helping humanity as well. We don’t known if they are here for good or evil as with many things such as this, it is all speculation initially.

Alien on top of White House roof

This footage originates first, by a man from China, who was visiting the Washington D.C. area. While out vacationing with his family, he recorded this footage and later uploaded it to social media. He was certainly surprised at what he was seeing.

From what is known, his family went to D.C. to vacation and The White House is one of the highlights of the tour. Everyone near him, started pointing up at the top of The White House building when this alien figure began to wander around. The man believes he captured something special on video and now has video evidence of alien visitation on Earth.

Alien on top of White House

His footage lasts only a mere 10 seconds but shows an incredible sight to be seen. According to what was posted, his phone ran out of storage. Although it wasn’t recorded, the man said that the alien being lingered for another 30 seconds or so before descending. It is assumed that this alien entity then entered The White House which in itself is quite incredible since it is heavily guarded.

The name of the man at this point is unknown. There are some really bad things about the video, like just how blurry it appears to be. This creates doubt about it right from the start. Originally, the video was posted by Paranormal Elite on their YouTube channel, dedicated to bringing people paranormal videos since 2015.

The address at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500 is one of the most famous places in all the world, garnering many gatherers each year—as they tour the Washington D.C. area. This has been the residence of each United States President, since John Adams back in 1800.

This alien, almost seems to be looking at the American flag, seen in some frames of the video captured by his camera phone. The mysterious creature, could be something else entirely. People make mention of demons, this could be a possibility as well. Whatever this thing is, it has people talking.

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