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Creepy Chilling Ghost Watches Band Perform

It was one of the last performances from a band located in Veracruz, Mexico. At least that is what is assumed. Apparently, one of the band members was moving to another place and this...

Ghost in hallway

Cloaked Ghostly Figure Fumbles To The Floor

Whatever this thing was, it didn’t appear to be human at least from a distance. Perhaps it was something else entirely. Recently, a short YouTube clip was posted showing what appears to be a...


Phantom Barber Menace Terrorizes Pascagoula

You may have heard the legends of phantom attackers — those fantastical beings that swoop in to cause a panic, only to disappear just as quickly. In some cases, the legend is based on...

Entity at night

Sleep Paralysis And Seeing Demons

When someone is conscious but they are unable to move or speak, they experience hallucinations such as seeing a mysterious dark figure nearby. Sometimes they might see what resembles a demonic force sitting upon...