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Doorbell Camera Captures Floating Apparition Near Garage

Whatever this thing was, it looked comparable to what most people consider being a ghost. This apparition seems to only last for a few moments before dissipating to another nearby car. The location where this recording took place was in Valdosta, Georgia. It happened on February 20 this year at 10:45 PM.  Things like this

Rumors Regarding Roadside Ghosts

There have been a number of tales regarding roadside ghosts. Often, people see them as they are traveling down the road. Most often they have been seen during the night but sometimes these ghastly fiends have appeared during the daylight hours. Some of the sightings in question involve what resembles a woman wearing a white

Taco Bell Co-Workers Experience Ghostly Activity

While working at their local Taco Bell location, one worker decided to share their bizarre encounters while they worked there. They decided not to share their identity so they along with their co-workers wouldn’t be ridiculed. This anonymous person explained how when they first worked there, they began to witness some strange things. The first

Musician Photographs Ghostly Manifestation At The Austin Paramount Theatre

Not long ago, a man posted an intriguing photograph, inside the Austin Paramount Theatre. It seems some kind of manifestation appeared upstairs within the buildings balcony. There appears to be a woman figure standing upstairs looking down upon the concert stage. Chad Lawson posted this on his Instagram account days ago. He has since received

The Little Ghostly One

David’s girlfriend Becky was falling asleep while driving through Prescott, Arizona. The window was rolled down a bit, to help keep a gentle breeze flowing through their car. David was determined to finish their journey down a narrow highway road. Around them outside, was a combination of forest and meadows all around.  It was a