Psychics Predict When And Where Missing Girl Would Be Found

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It is astounding to think about, as a group of psychics accurately predicted both when and where 17 year old Haylee Marie Martin would be found. This teenager went missing in Franklin County, Kentucky. 

This unusual case started back during January 13th this year, when Haylee’s father first reported her missing to the police. Perplexed as what to do, authorities turned to unconventional methods to help find Haylee. 

Chris Quire is the Sheriff who went to visit Haylee’s home on Thursday. Afterward, Quire met with a number of self-proclaimed clairvoyants in hopes to locate her.

Anxiously they assisted the police department and her family to help and find her. Most anyone would be skeptical about methods such as these but the Sheriff stated he “did not want to leave any stone unturned.”

The psychic group said they could help find Haylee by morning within a nearby neighboring county area. Interestingly enough, the psychic group did discover that she had run away from home.

Haylee Marie Martin

At first, many thought she was abducted or worse but this story had a silver lining. The Sheriff said “It’s hard to believe”. However, these people it seems have some kind of gift.

Haylee was later found alive in the northern part of central Kentucky in nearby Scott County. Haylee along with a 21-year-old woman were attempting to break into the home of this unidentified woman’s boyfriend. The police arrived at the scene right at that moment. 

It didn’t take long to realize that one of them was Haylee, as the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office was then contacted afterward. 

“There were two or three adults who helped her hide for the last week or so,” Sheriff Quire said.

Haylee was later transported to the Franklin Sheriff’s Office, where she was then placed into social services and foster care. Later, Haylee said if she ever went home again, she would run away again. 

Haylee Martin had been missing since Jan. 13. The Western Hills High School student had left behind her cellphone and had never run away before. “We are just glad she was found and is safe,” Sheriff Quire said.

(Source: WKYT CBS)

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