The haunting legends of Zombie Road

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Zombie Road Missouri

Located in St. Louis, Missouri lies a road believed to be a funnel for paranormal activity. It is known as Zombie Road and is believed to be one of the most haunted destinations, in all of America. It is here, where many unwanted children have lost their lives according to legend. Now, they appear as apparitions haunting this very location.

At certain times and places, it has been so uncharacteristically cold here. People have reported and even documented strange cold areas here, in the middle of summertime. Some people, have seen their breath and the hair on their body raise up—after getting goosebumps as well.

The road itself was once named Lowler Ford Road. As time has passed, it is now known for its nickname more so. However, nobody knows for sure where the name Zombie Road originated from. For those brave enough to venture here, one must first get permission not to trespass.

There have been problems and rumors about this place for years. Those who pass at night here, report strange sensations and occurrences—that simply can’t be explained rationally. This place is like no other. The roadway is believed to have been used during the Civil War as well. Along some sections, are the remains of a once functional railway. Now, some parts of it are in ruins.

Zombie Road Missouri railroad tracks

Supposed shadowy people have been seen by wanderers. It is believed that some of these shadow men once worked on the railroad tracks, that once ran alongside the road. These shadowy figures have been seen still working along the road during the night.

Another story mentions the death of a man, who died from the train that ran through here. He can sometimes be seen, helplessly wailing and staggering alongside the road sometimes approaching a single lone traveler. Reports of people randomly vanishing here have been talked about. They simply vanish without a trace. Traces of towns appear among st the darkness of the trees during the nighttime as well. After this, they fade away into nothing.

While many of these stories have never been proven to be real, numerous tragedies have happened along Zombie Road. Apparently, a school bus was struck by a train here knocking the bus and its passengers into the Merimac River located here. All of the children died along with the driver.

Also, three young boys were all swimming in the river here only to drown later. It was believed to be from the strong undertow in the water. Others think that the lost and lingering spirits here killed them instead for whatever reason.

Other acts of evil have happened here as well. According to Dennis Niere a retired police officer, satanic rituals have been going on for years here in the woods. Numerous sacrificed animals have been found in the wilderness, along with carvings of devil worship etched in trees and stones.

It is believed that many of these devil worshipers, are children who come from abusive homes searching for some sort of acceptance. The location is deemed to be doomed one way or another. Those brave enough should use caution here. Just because you pass through safely once doesn’t mean you will again.

(Source: Paranormal 360)

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