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Unexplained Mysteries

Flowers mysteriously keep appearing at dead girl’s grave

Time has passed, since a beautiful young woman died. Those that knew her, mourned over her in loving memory. To date, it remains a mystery, why each day since 1867, fresh flowers continue to appear at her unique grave memorial, located in the Alter Friedhof cemetery.

The name of the 16 year old girl, is Caroline Walter. Her sister Selma, established a lasting memorial and commissioned a sculptor, to cast a grave in her sister’s likeness. This life sized sculpture, depicts Caroline sleeping in bed, while holding a book. Selma was soon distraught, after losing her sister to tuberculosis.

The location of where the grave reaches, is just along the outer walls of the cemetery. The scenery around the sisters grave is pleasant. This makes this area, a rather peaceful location for the fallen sister. It has since become an eternal resting place for her in remembrance.

Caroline Walter gravesite Alter Friedhof cemetery Germany

Caroline has been dead for 151 years and ever since her death, a mystery remains. Each day, fresh new flowers, seem to magically appear on her grave. Nobody knows who puts them there, not even the gravekeepers. Not a single soul has been seen for 151 years, since Caroline was buried.

While Caroline was alive, both her and Selma (her older sister) moved to Freiburg to live with their grandmother just after their parents died. Caroline attended a school for young ladies, when she reached the age of 16 she already had a number of admirers. Caroline was said to be a stunning young woman of beauty. When Selma married, Caroline went to live with her sister and new Brother-in-law.

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Rumors about Caroline have surfaced over the years. One of the most believable, was a tutor who fell in love with her and later mourned her passing, for the rest of his life. If this were true, then how did he live for more than half a century? Were specific instructions given to a group of people or person to follow through with?

It is an incredible story, inspiring someone’s dedication and love for another. Perhaps specific instructions were given to carry on such a tradition. Otherwise, this can best be regarded as something supernatural or spiritual. To date, nobody knows how the flowers continue to flourish or be left each and every day.

“The inscription at the foot of Caroline Walter’s grave says, that this memorial was given by her sister Selma with love and that her separation from her loved ones was determined by God’s counsel.”

(Source: My Send Off)

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