Creepy Chilling Ghost Watches Band Perform

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It was one of the last performances from a band located in Veracruz, Mexico. At least that is what is assumed. Apparently, one of the band members was moving to another place and this video captures their last gig performance together. It is unknown where exactly in the city this took place, but this area dates back many years ago.

Originally, this location was founded back in the 16th century by Spanish settlers and is one of the country’s largest and oldest ports. One scenario is that this ghostly presence might be a trapped spirit from that time. However, according to the video posted by Nuke’s Top 5 on YouTube, this ghost seen in the video – might well be a lost friend who died before this live performance. 

Image: YouTube / Nuke’s Top 5

She was their friend and it is unknown just how she died. Perhaps she wanted to watch them perform one more time. The video is kind of creepy as you watch it, when the camera pans over to catch this ghost peeking out from behind a nearby television screen. Her face is ghastly and ghoulish to say the least.

Certainly, this could be a setup for attention to get more views and attention for the band. But that is just a guess at this point. How far this video dates back isn’t known but it does appear to be older due to the quality, clothing and hairstyles of the band seen. This again is mere speculation but it is one of the most convincing ghosts ever seen on camera yet. 

Image: YouTube / Nuke’s Top 5

If this is someone wearing makeup then they did an excellent job with it. While watching these kinds of videos we have to keep an open mind from both perspectives. According to a study done by the Pew Research Center, they mentioned that 18% of Americans have seen a ghost. That is a lot considering there are an estimated 340,552,889 known people living in the USA currently in October of 2023. 

We can also assume the number is quite high in Mexico as well. So, there are many paranormal type encounters being reported about each and every year. Nowadays, we have all this technology at our fingertips and being able to document everything and anything has become quite common.

While we scout for such encounters, these experiences are subjective. One person can interpret a ghost while someone else might not see anything at all. Officially so far, there has been no scientific evidence to prove the existence of ghosts, but there hasn’t been evidence to prove they don’t exist either. Some think they are trapped spirits captured or frozen in a moment of time much like a photograph. It is a snapshot of their moment blurred into our reality. Why they are stuck there is a phenomenon to behold!

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