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Ghostly Feet Recorded While Couple Visits Real American Haunted House

Whether or not someone believes in ghosts is their own opinion. Yet, there have been a number of documented happenings around the world recorded on video or someone snapping a rather unusual photo. While a couple was in a known haunted location in Louisiana, they managed to record three sets of ghostly feet wandering by.

Something’s Creeping Around In My Closet

One person explained their rather creepy experience, that dated back to when they were a child. At the time, they were around 14 years old. They lived in a house with their mom, dad and younger brother. Later on in life, they would end up moving down the road from where they grew up, even

The Haunted History Of The Audubon House Doll

A strange occurrence took place in Key West, Florida back more than 200 years ago. A doll belonged to a little girl, who had died from a cholera epidemic that killed many other children during this time. They were brought to the Audubon house in Key West. This residence, was once the home of Captain

Family Captures Ghostly Presence On Daughter’s Baby Cam

Where this family is living, might be haunted. Recently, a couple discovered something rather unusual on their daughters baby camera. Heather Brough along with her fiancé, Josh Higgins noticed what looks like an apparition from their recording. Their story quickly spread around television networks in the area. There does seem to be some kind of