Something’s Creeping Around In My Closet

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One person explained their rather creepy experience, that dated back to when they were a child. At the time, they were around 14 years old. They lived in a house with their mom, dad and younger brother. Later on in life, they would end up moving down the road from where they grew up, even though some memories were disturbing for them.

When the family moved here, they explained how uncomfortable they were. A sense of dread washed over them the moment they walked through the doors of this place. The one thing that even bothers them today, is a certain walk-in closet that separated several bedrooms in the house.

After the family settled in, they explained how they had nightmares about an elderly woman who was hideous to look at. They believed this thing wasn’t human but something else.

Their best guess was, this was some kind of evil spirit. Nightmares seemed to be initiated by this elderly looking woman. Reflecting back on all of this, they couldn’t distinguish whether or not these were actual nightmares or real occurrences in their mind. 

They confronted their brother about what they had seen. He wasn’t scared of this closet or anything else around it. This person then approached their mother when she told them not to think about it any longer, hoping these nightmares or encounters wouldn’t happen ever again. They tried but ultimately failed to get away from this thing. Why it was here or what it wanted was anyone’s best guess.

Years later, while they were going to high school the family moved away from this place. Their mother explained to them, about an incident which happened several times back at their old house. Each Monday, was the families wash clothes day. The mother said she hated it with a passion.

Of course everyone hates doing laundry, but the mother despised it for another reason. The mother would often use a wringer type washing machine, where it was adjacent next to the bathtub. Often the tub was filled with cold water.

While using this machine, the clothes would fall into the tub and then she would bend over to get them out to dry them. While doing this, she often would get a rather strange feeling, like something or someone was watching her.

Elderly ghost lady

She mentioned seeing what resembled an old gray-haired woman, with long fingernails standing in the doorway to the bathroom. The elderly woman grimaced with an eerie look on her face. The elderly woman seemed to approach their mother, who obviously was quite uncomfortable.  

Wanting to get to the bottom of all of this, they asked around if anyone else had experiences or have seen anything out of the ordinary about this house. After they spoke with a nearby neighbor, they mentioned there was an elderly woman with gray hair, who had previously lived there. 

According to him, she was afflicted with different mental health problems. Eventually, the woman ended up taking her own life, by hanging herself inside the walk-in closet where this person lived all those years ago. Imagine the horror on their face, after they learned about the news of this. 

Figuratively, their heart must have dropped on the ground. They then realized her spirit must be trapped inside their former home. It was a lot of them to take in and they still think about all of this years later as it haunts them. The story was explained by someone known as Raymond.

(Source: Anomalien)

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