Ghostly Feet Recorded While Couple Visits Real American Haunted House

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Whether or not someone believes in ghosts is their own opinion. Yet, there have been a number of documented happenings around the world recorded on video or someone snapping a rather unusual photo.

While a couple was in a known haunted location in Louisiana, they managed to record three sets of ghostly feet wandering by. The mansion where this occurred is known as Myrtles Plantation.

While this was happening, another tourist wandering by took notice of this and was scarred at what they had seen. The home was built on top of an Indian burial ground. Since then, people have reported seeing apparitions of a young Native American woman on the premises.

The couple who recorded this with their phone said they initially didn’t notice anything unusual inside the house. When they played back the video, they were startled to see what resembles three different ghostly feet wandering by the hallway not far from the stairs.

They along with others believe these feet are that of small children. Perhaps they died at this property and haven’t been able to move on just yet. 

At first, the ghostly looking legs appear nearby the stairs and seemingly wander off not long after. It is unexplainable other than some kind of projection unit being used to stir up interest. Likely this is not the case, as the house has quite a history to it regarding the paranormal.  

The original house was built in 1796 and featured six bays and three dormers on the roof. In the mid-1850’s, the one-and-a-half-story house was extended south, almost doubling its original size. The main feature of the Myrtles House is the 125-foot long veranda, that extends the entire length of the façade, wrapping around the southern end of the house.

The Myrtles Plantation was built back in 1796, by General David Bradford on 600 acres. It was given the name Laurel Grove originally. David lived there for a few years, until John Adams pardoned him.

He ended up being part of the Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion in 1799. Later, he moved away along with his wife Elizabeth and their five children to their plantation in Pennsylvania.

Nowadays, the location has been set up as a bed and breakfast, offering historical and mystery type tours. There have been 12 different ghosts spotted here varying in size and shape. Many think this place is one of the most haunted locations in all of the United States. 

Perhaps this is due to the 10 different murders that took place within the home. Certainly strange happenings continue to happen here and the video by Brendan and Taryn Hunt presents some kind of evidence of this. Restless spirits can stir during different hours as they have not found rest in the afterlife yet.

(Source: Anomalien and Wikipedia)

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